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Automated Edge Contact Generation (AECG™) for Shells
and Mid-surface Solid Models

NEi Nastran Automatic Edge Contact GenerationFinite element analysis (FEA) of complex structures that have the characteristic of high surface area to wall thickness can be a time consuming task because of the need to find and join free edges in shell and mid-surface solid models. Common examples of structures that have this modeling characteristic include ships, aircraft, and automobiles. Productivity for these types of structures can be greatly improved and the task made less tedious by use of the Automated Edge Contact Generation (AECG) feature in NEi Nastran.

AECG simplifies and speeds up this task in a variety of ways:

  • Free edges contacting surfaces now identified automatically
  • Edge to face welding carried out automatically
  • No element congruence required

  • Offsets and gaps between edges and faces are permissible

  • Ideal for complex shell structures
    • Rapid meshing now possible, large amount of labor intensive meshing removed
    • Large thin shell fabrications such as ship structure
    • Mid surfaced solid models ideal candidates, not essential to close gaps


PDFAutomated Contact Generation in NEi Nastran

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