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Product Demonstration Options

We offer several convenient ways for qualified users in companies, consulting firms, and government agencies to become familiar with FEA software products from NEi Software.

Custom FEA Demonstrations

View the finite element analysis (FEA) results for one of your own models. A custom demonstration may be the best way to appreciate the value that FEA can bring to your product development cycle and organization. In this personalized software demonstration, FEA experts will present the technology that applies to your analysis and simulation needs. Request a live custom demonstration.

Nastran TV: On-demand Webinars and Demo Videos

NEi Software offers video presentations on a range of engineering analysis topics that include composite, explicit, nonlinear, fatigue, heat transfer and dynamic analyses as well as FEA tips for Nastran and Femap users.

A preview of the videos offered by NEi Software are found on the NEi Software YouTube channel. Engineers can also learn more about FEA analysis by reading the FEA white papers and guides from NEi Software. Engineers who wish to register for hands-on FEA training can request a seat for the integrated Nastran and Femap, explicit, heat transfer, dynamic, fatigue, nonlinear, or composites training classes offered by NEi Software.

Structural FEA Tutorial Demo CD Rom   Tutorial Plus NEi Nastran 300-Node Software for $99

For engineers who want to learn on their own and have the time to explore the details of NEi Nastran FEA software through self guided tutorials, this bundle is a great resource. The DVD with a 300-node limited version of NEi Nastran lets you try first hand professional level simulation software through simple models that you construct. The accompanying tutorials guide you through the key analysis types and let you try the many visualizations that can be employed to present results.
Request the Tutorial plus 300-Node NEi Nastran DVD.

FEA Knowledge Base: White Papers, Presentations and Tutorials.

NEi Software's Knowledge Base Center is a great resource for very detailed technical information on pre and post processing, analysis methods, and specific industry applications. The materials have been gathered from conference and industry association presentations, White Papers [view abstracts], tutorials, and product documentation. Register for the FEA Knowledge Base.

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