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NEi Fusion V1.2 - New Features and Enhancements

NEi Fusion New Features and EnhancementsTargeted for use early in the design process, NEi Fusion offers several major enhancements for version 1.2. In addition to a 3D parametric geometry engine for easy model creation and high accuracy Nastran solvers, NEi Fusion V1.2 contains examples of highly sophisticated simulation tools that have been specifically configured for use at the CAD design stage from a cost, time, and ease-of-use standpoint.

Beam Elements
Beam capability in NEi Fusion enables users to simulate and analyze beam models.
Curve meshing supports lines and arcs including those used for constructing weldments (structural members)
All joints are merged and a continuous mesh is created for the lines/arcs selected in meshing.
Physical properties are available for beam and bar elements:
  Cross-sections properties can be defined by either a Structural Member option or a Direct Property Input option.
  Section properties and cross-section shape are available.
Load and constraints can be created on a point or along a line/arc for beam analysis.
Deformation and other results at each stress recovery point can be displayed graphically.

NEiFusion Beam and Cross-Section Display

NEi Fusion Beam and Cross-Section Display

Optimization Analysis
HEEDS Optimization is integrated within NEi Fusion.
The user will be able to assign design objectives to minimize, maximize or target the following:
Geometric data values
Von Mises Stress

NEiWorks Optimization Analysis

NEiWorks Optimization Analysis

Dynamic Analysis
Phase 1 for Dynamic Analysis supports:
Pre-stiffened Normal Modes
Normal Modes Analysis enhancements
Modal Transient Response Analysis
Direct Transient Response Analysis

NEi Fusion Dynamic Analysis

Thermal Analysis Upgrades
Body Temperature: The user can apply temperature load to the entire body using this option.
Initial Temperature: Typically this will be an additional body load. If it is not specified, the solver will just use the reference temperature defined on the material.
Automated Impact Analysis Wizard
Impact analysis such as drop test and projectile impact studies is now fully automated using NEi Nastran V9.1 Automated Impact Analysis (AIA) capability. Using a simple input form to define projectile initial velocity and acceleration, the NEi Nastran solver will automatically setup surface contact between the projectile and part and calculate the time steps needed to capture an accurate nonlinear transient event simulation.

NEiFusion Automated Impact Analysis         NEiFusion Automated Impact Analysis

Meshing Enhancements
Continuous tri meshing across surfaces

NEiFusion Tri Meshing Enhancement

Quad meshing

NEiFusion Quad Meshing Enhancement

Post-Processing Enhancements
Single Set Animation
Multi Set Animation

NEiWorks Animation Enhancement

Max/Min Labels

NEiFusion Meshing Enhancement

On-screen Display Enhancements and Customizations Other Features
Load symbol display - can change size, color, image based on specific types of load
Mesh control visualization

NEiFusion On-screen Display Enhancement

Analysis Report Writer
HTML formatted reports can be generated for linear static analysis. Other solutions will soon be available.
The HTML report contains a detailed summary of the analysis including:
  Model dimension and mass properties by part and total.
  Element geometry statistics.
  Tabular and graphical results data.
User customizable settings allow you to design your own report format.

NEiFusion Output Report Writer

Simple, one button, access launches a wizard to guide you through the report generation process.

NEiFusion Report Writer

Other Features
Menu support for all features

NEiFusion Menu Support

Extended toolbar support

NEiWorks Toolbar Support

Results XY Plotting

NEiFusion XY Plotting

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