Introducing NEi Nastran V10.1

With this on-demand session engineers learn about NEi Nastran V10.1 advanced materials, contact, nonlinear, dynamic, and thermal enhancements.

Engineers who are interested in increasing accuracy in predicting the delamination of composites, peak stresses, impact of temperature phases or who work with cohesive materials can find out more about the NEi Nastran V10.1 solution by viewing the on-demand webinar.

NEi Nastran users can take advantage of greater accuracy in:

  • Evaluating the delamination initiation and propagation of composites failures
  • Modeling ductile and cohesive materials
  • Evaluating the impact of the freezing and melting phases of a material
  • Modeling heat flow where gaps or other contact resistance are present
  • Evaluating creep strain for viscoelastic materials
  • Evaluating rubber fatigue

Engineers can save time by:

  • Introducing and removing elements during an analysis
  • Mixing and matching nonlinearities in an analysis
  • Linking between advanced solution types such as implicit with explicit and nonlinear with fatigue
  • Streamlining composite modeling through feature interoperability

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