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NEi Nastran

NEi Nastran is a powerful, general purpose Finite Element Analysis (FEA) tool with an integrated graphical user interface and model Editor which is used to analyze linear and nonlinear stress, dynamics, and heat transfer characteristics of structures and mechanical components. It represents the latest in FEA technology with some of the fastest solvers on the market along with accurate solutions that have been trusted for over 20 years by companies in all industries. NEi Nastran is available on a wide variety of platforms including 32-bit and 64-bit Windows and Linux operating systems.

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About NEi Nastran Modules

NEi Nastran can perform a wide variety of structural and thermal analyses. These analyses are contained in five modules as itemized below. Click on each link to explore the details of all the solution types that are included and their key capabilities.

  1. Linear Static and Steady-State Heat Transfer
  2. Normal Modes, Buckling, and Prestress
  3. Advanced Dynamics
  4. Nonlinear Analysis
  5. Nonlinear Transient Heat Transfer

NEi Nastran Materials - includes composites and advanced material models

In addition to analyzing conventional engineering materials, NEi Nastran is equipped to simulate the latest advanced materials, including composites, shape memory, hyperelastic, viscoelastic, and brittle materials. NEi Nastran composite capabilities provide an excellent illustration of the high quality features and comprehensive treatment advanced materials get in NEi Nastran. Engineers gain valuable technical design insights from a thorough analysis. Productivity is maintained with tools developed for ease-of-use.

NEi Nastran Solver Technology – combines accuracy and speed

NEi Nastran uses the latest in solver technology providing fast results for the largest and most complex FEA models. Four linear solvers (PCGLSS, VSS, VIS, and PSS) and two eigensolvers (LANCZOS and SUBSPACE) are included. The PCGLSS (Preconditioned Conjugate Gradient Linear System Solver) is an advanced iterative solver used in leading FEA products. The VSS (Vector Sparse Solver) and VIS (Vector Iterative Solver) are based on NASA developed technology and have been enhanced to provide better performance and accuracy. The PSS (Parallel Sparse Solver) is an extremely fast parallel direct solver designed for x64 operating systems where large amounts of memory can be directly accessed. A detailed description of the solution types and capabilities of each module can be obtained by requesting a product datasheet.

NEi Nastran Editor – improves modeling and analysis of results

The Editor is an exclusive feature in NEi Nastran. This industry unique tool gives engineers greater control over their Nastran FEA models and results. Capabilities such as advanced editing, context-sensitive input, and dynamic help greatly increase productivity and results reliability from the start. Built-in tools such as the trade study generator and parameter optimization give users quick insight into the effects of design changes. Real-time results are displayed through an integrated results processor allowing users to visualize results as they are generated during the solution sequence. These features combined make the NEi Editor an indispensable tool for designers and analysts alike.

Pre and Postprocessors – CAD Independent and CAD Integrated

NEi Nastran can be coupled with all major pre- and post processors to suit your work environment. NEi Software sells, supports and provides training for Femap, a professional level, CAD independent, pre- and post-processor. Femap and NEi Nastran form a completely integrated platform for finite element analysis. In addition, NEi Nastran is available in a CAD integrated platform. NEi Nastran in-CAD has NEi Nastran embedded in SolidWorks CAD. Users get SolidWorks’ functionality and its look-and-feel in pre- and post-processing activities like modeling, result displays, mesh updating, and FEA entity to geometry associativity, while NEi Nastran is the engine for highly accurate and comprehensive analysis solutions.

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