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NEi Nastran stress analysis demonstrated on a navy ship

NEi Software provides a wide range of industry-proven solutions for government engineers, prime contractors and subcontractors, all designed to facilitate the evaluation and optimization of product performance and reliability. NEi Nastran analysis products provide design engineers and analysts with the tools to shorten development cycles, reduce development costs, manage and reduced risk, improve product quality and innovation and provide better, safer solutions.

Customer Feedback

"After years of experience using the MSC package, I was able to migrate over to the NEi Software, Inc. solution with ease. I found their personnel to be more knowledgeable and responsive than my time spent with the MSC hotline. All in all, NEi Nastran offers a better product for thousands less."

Dr. Edward M. Weinstein
Technical Director

NEi Nastran provides analysis and simulation solutions for:

  • Simulation of a spacecraft using NEi Nastran and Femap

    Full aircraft modeling, structure, engines, flight controls, landing gear, and stores/devices
  • Full spacecraft modeling, structure and mechanisms, attitude dynamics, solar panels, and ground support equipment
  • Structural and dynamic design and finite element analysis of composite structures including honeycomb panels, complex laminations and 3D micro models of joints, failure zones, etc.
  • Linear and nonlinear simulations of large deployable space structures such as solar sails, space radars, and reflector antennas including, large displacement effects, pre-stress and low frequency vibration
  • Performance assessment of various aircraft components, such as a bulkhead under pressurization, wing and skin panel buckling, and delamination of bonded joints
  • Bird strike simulations
  • Thermo-mechanical simulation of aircraft engines and rocket motors under different operating conditions
  • Verification of turbine blade designs
  • Simulation of various aircraft mechanisms such as landing gears, wing flaps, and cargo doors
  • Fatigue and fracture mechanics assessment of aircraft fuselage and wing components
  • Topology optimization of aircraft fuselage components
  • Full vessel modeling, structure, engines, and controls
  • Structural and dynamic design and analysis of composite structures including honeycomb panels, complex laminations and 3D micro models of joints and failure zones
  • Thermo-mechanical simulation of engines under different operating conditions.
  • Simulating the effects of underwater explosions on ships and submarines (DDAM and USA support)
  • Structural analysis of submarine frames to predict buckling modes
  • Fatigue analysis survey and life prediction of complete vessels
  • Linear and nonlinear static and dynamic analysis of entire vessels, sub-assemblies, or individual components
  • Attenuation of noise generated by underwater vehicles

NEi Software also has the ability to develop customized solutions to specific customer problems and our expert staff provides consulting services to handle your more demanding FEA projects.

NEi Nastran product suite key benefits:

  • Comprehensive interactive tools necessary for model creation, analysis monitoring, and results evaluation including a state-of-the-art analysis editor
  • Specialized industry-proven element technologies including hybrid quad and hex elements and dissimilar mesh interpolation elements as well as advanced tension only shell and cable elements
  • Specialized solution sequences including Design Dynamic Analysis Method (DDAM), integration with Anteon's Underwater Shock Analysis (USA) program, and compatibility with MAESTRO from Proteus Engineering
  • High performance processing including advanced parallel PCG iterative, sparse direct, and block Lanczos solvers which allow solutions to large-scale models over 10 million degrees of freedom on inexpensive 32-bit Windows workstations as well as high end 64-bit Linux clusters all tightly integrated with Femap
  • Special modal filtering and database restart tools for performing DDAM and dynamic response solutions increase productivity by allowing a modal database to be altered and reused with rerunning an eigenvalue extraction analysis
  • Robust contact capability using a 3D surface contact method which easily handles dissimilar meshes between components including frictional effects
  • Basic through advanced material models including temperature dependent materials, non-linear elasticity and plasticity effects, creep, and thermo-elasticity
  • Substructuring and Modal Reduction allows the creation and reuse of substructures to improve the efficiency of large analyses and provides a convenient method to transfer model data to subcontractors
  • Submodeling allows in-depth evaluation of particular regions
  • Load and Boundary Condition Interpolation allows mapping of thermal and CFD output from specialized heat transfer and fluid dynamic models to the structural model for load and boundary condition definition
  • Inertia relief capability allows the quasi-static simulation of forces acting on an unconstrained structure such as aircraft in flight or a submerged submarine
  • Multiple sub case capability provides a highly efficient technique to evaluate the response of structures to many different load cases and boundary conditions
  • Extensive composite material support including, 2D orthotropic, 3D orthotropic, general anisotropic, laminate lay-up definitions, and a wide range of failure criteria
  • Advanced solution sequences such as linear and nonlinear static, transient dynamic, steady state dynamic, frequency extraction, heat transfer, and other analysis types, provide a choice of appropriate analysis types for different types of simulations
  • Integration with specialized fatigue applications, such as winLIFE which is available as an add-on to the NEi Nastran product suite and also fe-safe, nCode, Falancs and FE-Fatigue

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