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TMG-Thermal by MAYA HTTTMG-Thermal by MAYA HTT, provides solutions for linear and nonlinear, steady-state and transient heat transfer processes including conduction, radiation, and free convection. NEi Thermal provides simulation capabilities for engineering applications requiring transient and steady-state thermal analysis. It includes modeling of conduction, convection, radiation and phase change and it provides a range of thermal boundary conditions and solver controls.

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Solution Types

  • Transient
  • Steady-State
  • Linear
  • Nonlinear


checkSolution Features

  • Thermal boundary conditions including temperatures, heat loads, fluxes, initial conditions and thermostats
  • Thermal couplings to create thermal assemblies of disconnected FE models including couplings between surfaces, edges and points
  • Conduction including isotropic and orthotropic properties, radial heat flow, phase change and time-, temperature-, and direction-dependent properties
  • Radiation including the calculation of view factors with shadowing effects for diffuse surfaces, variable surface properties, axisymmetric radiation modeling, and multiple radiation enclosures
  • Convection by specifying boundary conditions using tabular data or formulae
  • Additional solver features including axisymmetric modeling, table dependent parameters, non-geometric modeling, and solution monitor

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