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TMG Advanced Thermal

TMG Advanced Thermal by MAYA HTTTMG Advanced Thermal by MAYA HTT, adds many advanced thermal and fluid flow modeling capabilities to the base package, such as duct flow modeling, including coupled convection and fluid flow analysis. An extensive set of modeling tools is provided for advanced radiation and spacecraft modeling, including solar and orbital heating, orbit modeling and display, specular reflections with ray tracing, and articulating structures. These tools are also complemented by a number of more advanced solver features such as custom user subroutines, model simplification, sub-structuring, and interfaces to industry thermal codes.

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Solution Types

  • Transient
  • Steady-State
  • Linear
  • Nonlinear


checkSolution Features

  • Duct fluid flow network modeling with coupled forced and free convection simulation for multiple fluids and modeling both incompressible and compressible flows
  • Solar and orbital (spacecraft), diurnal and radiative heating including orbit modeling and interactive orbit display
  • Specular and hemicube radiation modeling with ray tracing and modeling of transmissive surfaces
  • Articulating structures for radiation modeling including translating and rotating joints and spinning spacecraft
  • Joule heating simulating electric resistance circuits
  • Temperature mapping across meshes
  • Interfaces to industry thermal codes including Sinda, Esatan, Trasys, and Nevada
  • Advanced solver features including model simplification, substructuring, user-written subroutines, batch solutions and editable input files


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