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bd Systems

"bd System's decision to make a major software investment with NEi Software represents a happy ending to long journey down a road of frustration trying to secure first rate finite element tools to our engineering staff. Prior to discussions with NEi Software, frustration mounted as it appeared that all avenues to adequate finite element tools lead to the major vendors who's monopolistic policies over many years created over priced and under supported products. NEi Software was a breath of fresh air. Their engineering staff quickly convinced our engineers that their product was every bit as good as the competition and that their support would be outstanding, and with a price a fraction of the established competition. bd Systems performs at an extremely high level in the analytical world and everything our engineers needed from a finite element code was provided for with NEi Software's product. The cost savings not only helped win the follow-on to our contract but may have actually allowed it."

Joseph Clayton
VP Engineering Advanced Tech Division

Cessna AircraftCessna Aircraft

"Cessna Aircraft is using NEi Nastran to analyze airframe components on the Citation CJ3 and the Citation Mustang. Cessna Engineers have been very impressed with the customer service received from NEi Software. The development of Tension-Only Quad Elements eliminates redundant models and repetitive work functions, resulting in reduced analysis cycle time."

Gene Paulsen
Senior Engineer

Composite Professionals

"The success of my company, Composite Professionals, Inc. (CPI), has been closely linked to NEi Software and NEi Nastran software. CPI was founded in July, 1999 and is an engineering services company specializing in the design and analysis of fiber reinforced plastic composite structures as well as consulting in the manufacturing and testing of the structural product. One of the key business needs I identified, as a foundation for CPI was a sound, affordable, finite element solver with a good pre and post data processor that was PC based. After much searching, NEi Nastran with Femap as a pre- & post-processor stood out as the leading PC based solver. CPI needed a suite of structural analysis capabilities that included static, dynamic, stability, collapse, frequency, and random vibration tools. In addition, the solver had to include material and geometric non-linearities and be capable of transient loading. NEi Nastran has more than meet these needs. It was crucial that the FEA code be able to easily handle local material coordinate systems for 3D-solids and 2D-laminated shell elements which are so common with changing properties inherent in FRP structures. Again, NEi Nastran satisfied this need.
In the past five years, CPI has used most of the structural analysis packages in NEi Nastran and provided clients with reliable and timely design and analysis results. NEi Nastran has also been useful in analyzing structures in test frames and determining as-built test response. CPI has used NEi Nastran to provide metal lined pressure vessel deflections and strains using the elastic-plastic large deformation options resulting in excellent performance predictions. We have also provided predictions of modal analyses of complex structures vs. test response with good performance agreement. Specific NEi Nastran models have been built and results compared to numerous structural elasticity solutions, using both isotropic and orthotropic materials, showing excellent agreement. Overall, CPI and our clientele have been very satisfied with NEi Nastran performance predictions and interface capabilities.
Model results are easily interfaced and ported to various platforms for CAD drafting and further post-processing using Femap. Femap has been a stable pre and post-processing package that provides numerous options for viewing results. The OLE options in Femap allow the use of auxiliary programs to download and process NEi Nastran results and display those results by uploading back into Femap.
A good FEA solver package is not particularly useful without good service. This is an area where NEi Software excels. They have always been prompt in responding to questions and getting the answers. Their responses have been timely and supported client deadlines. This is paramount for a service company such as CPI.
Supplier relationships are important and it is not often that a supplier stands out among the crowd. NEi Software is such a supplier, and is considered by CPI as our key supplier and partner in the success of our company."

Richard K. Dropek


“I wanted to pass on a compliment to the NEi Works development team.  This is a great port of the Nastran function into SolidWorks.  I know that I am familiar enough with the Femap/Nastran product so I should know my way around, but I found it very simple to set up, mesh and run a brief trial.  Just a really nice job implementing the Nastran function into SolidWorks and much more polished than the SolidWorks Simulation function. Just a really nice package that I think fits our business need a bunch.”

Christopher Ring
Principal Engineer

Georgian Aerospace Group

"When we started looking for an FEM package, we considered over 17 programs and selected NEi Nastran. I cannot emphasize enough how important the support of the people at NEi Software was in our decision. Sales people can offer anything, but the proof is after you purchase, how is the support. The people at NEi Software lived up to all their promises. I was a neophyte FEM analyst and during my first few projects I had many questions. NEi Software handled them all. This has allowed me to complete my projects on time. I never expected to get the type of support we have because of the affordability of the NEi Nastran solution."

Joel Simansky
Senior Engineer


"The timely and technically sound support we are getting from NEi Software does not even come close to the kind of support we DON’T get from two other FEA Companies we have a licenses with. NEi Nastran is more accurate compared with the two other commercial FEM packages we have. To say that we at L’Garde are very pleased with your support will be an understatement. I just wish that we would have known about you sooner."

Dr. Art Palisoc
Program Manager

LORD CorporationLORD Corporation

"Allan Hsu did an excellent job with the training and his knowledge of the software and the many technical disciplines that goes with it was exceptional. All team members here at Lord had similar comments. We look forward using the software and enhancing our knowledge base. Thanks again!"

Douglas C. Leicht, Ph.D.
Sr. Staff Engineer
Fixed Wing Engineering/Product Development

M. Rosenblatt & SonM. Rosenblatt & Son

"I work for M. Rosenblatt & Son, a naval architecture and marine engineering firm with 10 offices around the US. We have been using NEiNastran for the last four years. We have done extensive comparisons of it to our previous Nastran version (CSA) and have found good correlation. NEiNastran is a very powerful tool for many applications including marine and can tackle about any structural issue that comes up. We use it nearly every day for everything from midship section analysis, to double bottoms, failure analysis, natural frequency calculations, random response analysis, platform design, and superstructure analysis."

David Qualley
Structures Manager
M. Rosenblatt & Son, an AMSEC LLC group

Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMassachusetts Institute of Technology

"The MIT Satellite Team has been using NEi Nastran and Femap to analyze the CASTOR satellite for the AFOSR University Nanosatellite Program. The combination of NEi Nastran and Femap results in a powerful tool that can be used for everything from analysis of solids bodies to plates and even laminates, which simplified the analysis procedure greatly. Furthermore, the NEi Works package included provides a great improvement over the standard means of importing geometry from CAD to a pre-processor. On top of the quality software, the customer service has been helpful even with unconventional questions, such as using our own pre-processor with NEi Nastran for some applications. Having had experience with about 5 different analysis tools, this is one of the most versatile and effective package I used."

Graduate Student
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Space Systems Laboratory

Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMassachusetts Institute of Technology

"As an undergraduate member of the MIT Satellite Team, I had little experience with finite element analysis software prior to using NEi Nastran products. The NEi Nastran and Femap software suite provided powerful, yet easy to use tools needed to analyze the design of our CASTOR satellite. Additionally, the included NEi Works package greatly simplified the process of importing our existing CAD geometry into the pre-processor. I was pleased that such powerful modeling tools were simple enough for a novice to learn and use. I look forward to continued use of NEi Software products throughout my career."

Undergraduate Student
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Space Systems Laboratory

Matrix Composites Inc.

"I wanted to commend you on your efforts in assisting with the structural analysis of one of our specialized composite pressure vessels. In the fall of 2011, Matrix built two prototype units to validate the design for our customer. One unit was subjected to a minimum 50,000 cycle fatigue test and showed no signs of degradation after 60,000 cycles when the test was stopped. The second unit was subject to an ultimate load burst test. These units performed far beyond the expectations and minimum requirements of our customer. The actual test data turned out to be right in line with the analysis estimates. Through our collaboration with NEi Nastran, we were able to achieve a considerable weight savings for this product and improve the structural performance. Again thank you for your part in making this program a great success.

Ryan Wood
Composites Engineer

Milliflect Corporation

"NEi Software’s analytical support on subject program made the difference between a successful and unprofitable program for Milliflect Corp. Your assistance in material selection and reflector surface distortion predictions under various antenna-operating conditions proved to be an invaluable component of a successful project. I will be happy to recommend NEi Software to anyone who inquires."

Joe Rutshow
General Manager

NASA Marshall Space Flight Center

"With the inclusion of our finite display capabilities in a recent presentation to NASA administration our team won first place in a national NASA competition for Continual Improvement & Reinvention; we are hopeful that others within NASA will begin to make use of the NEi Nastran Version 8 features."

Bob Peele
CSC Team Lead for SLTMAS

Piedmont Aviation ServicesPiedmont Aviation Services

"Dear NEi Software, Inc.,
FYI, Tested the galley today, and it passed with flying colors. Confidence that the galley would pass was the result of the model with your NEi Nastran tool. Thank you for all the insights and knowledge you shared with me over the past few months."

Luis Rodriquez
Designated Engineering Representative

Scaled Composites Scaled Composites

"We were looking for a modern Nastran interface for our analysis needs. NEi Nastran met our criteria for a cost-effective analysis tool and looks like a very good choice. I expect it will work very well for us."

Matthew Gionta
Chief Engineer

Scaled Composites Scaled Composites

"I've been one of the lead structural analysts/designers at Scaled Composites for the last 15+ years which included most of the analysis for the recent SpaceShipOne. Yesterday was the last day of a 3 day course given onsite here by Tony Abbey. I just wanted to compliment Tony on his class. We really appreciated his array of knowledge and ability to field every complex question we could throw at him. His demeanor allowed us to constantly interrupt him with questions. Though I understand another leading FEA product well, we walked through many problems where I was constantly reminded of not only how powerful NEi Nastran is but how really basic and crude many of the other FEA product features are. Anyway, my compliments to Tony, and I am impressed at your company's willingness to quickly react to and address our issues. Your good work in your product is already being used to help us design the first commercial man carrying spaceship. In other words, expect us to be bugging you a lot!"

Dan Kreigh
Lead Structural Analysts

Zodiac AerospaceZodiac Aerospace

"NEi Software is committed to customer satisfaction. As for FEA, what defines a solid investment is the quality of the product and the technical support. NEi Software ranks high in both. I've worked with NEi Nastran for 5 years. The advice given by NEi Software’s experienced technical support staff has always been excellent and the turn around is superior. NEi Nastran is a user-friendly yet powerful software solution supporting all our analysis needs in the aerospace industry with efficiency and very competitive price. I value NEi Software's commitment to excellence and the people they have chosen to support their product. Our investment is more than software."

Emerson Hevia
Senior Analyst

Zodiac AerospaceZodiac Aerospace (OEM Cabin Interiors)

"I have been working with finite elements analyses for quite a while in different industrial segments and I am glad to say that NEi Software, Inc. is an amazing partner. NEi Nastran is top of line and correlation with results of physical tests has demonstrated that in our company. Also, I would like to recommend the training courses provided by them which may be suitable for recent graduate engineers or well experienced engineers.

Special thanks for  technical support team and other highly skilled professional who work there: Allan Hsu, Katarina Weinberg and Serge Sidorov."

Rodrigo Guimaraes
Stress Engineer - Airbus A380 Program

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Cedarville UniversityCedarville University

"On behalf of the 2011 Cedarville University Supermileage team I would like to thank NEi Software for their sponsorship. Your product, NEi Works Expert, was key to the success and optimization of the car's light-weight composite chassis. Our car's official weight was 100lbs, a 38% weight reduction from the previous generation. This helped our car "Sting" achieve 253 mi/kWhr at the 2011 Shell Eco Marathon Competition in downtown Houston, Texas. To put into perspective, the Chevy Volt achieves a EPA rating of 3.55 mi/kWhr, which equates to 39 mpg for EV only."

Jason Halvorsen
Mechanical Engineering Graduate Supermileage Team - Cedarville University

Detroit Design EngineeringDetroit Design Engineering

"We are very pleased with NEi Nastran products and services. Specifically your technical support, as it has served as an extension of our resources creating a diverse background of knowledge and experience in dealing with complex FEA situations. As we continue to work in our specific business, your services have given our employees immediate availability of expertise in areas which we may choose to expand. This has allowed us to grow, while creating a cost effective value added posture for our customers."

Dave Hilborn

Howarth Development Associates

"Having been new to NASTRAN, I was concerned that it would be more difficult to use than some other ‘integrated’ packages that I had been using. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I could run basic analyses readily, and I now had the capability for more advanced analyses. In particular, the surface contact, auto stepping for nonlinear (thermoplastic) materials, and the PCGLSS solver for linear analysis are extremely useful for me in validating my customers’ designs. NEi Nastran is an outstanding value with advanced features, backed up with excellent technical support. I would purchase NEi Nastran again, and encourage others to evaluate NEi Software’s offering."

Carl Howarth

MinardiToro Rosso Team (formerly Minardi F1)

"We have chosen NEi Nastran after an extensive and detailed internal benchmark, comparing the results, the performance, and the features of the solver developed by NEi Software, Inc. with those of our former FEA platform. Full compatibility, accuracy, along with the professionalism and quick turnaround of the tech support from NEi Software and SmartCAE were the main reasons why we selected NEi Nastran as our FEA software for the future."

Paolo Marabini
Structures and Calculation Chief Engineer

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Metals & Materials Engineers

"NEi Software, I am serious about the offer to use me as a spokesman. Your software has exceed even the expectations that you yourself set for MME. Those expectations were very high, and you still managed to overwhelm us."

Dr. Michael E. Stevenson
Vice-President, Engineering Sciences Division

Noise Control Engineering

"We, at Noise Control Engineering, Inc., had been using COSMOS for about eight years and decided last year to obtain a more capable FEA program. The technical limitations coupled with the limited support offered by your competitor became our top reasons for the change. NEi Nastran's additional functionality has allowed us to serve our customers with greater efficiency, and the learning curve was minimal because of the support offered by the technical team at NEi Software. Our complete satisfaction with NEi Nastran's performance drove us to obtain an additional license so that we could further expand our FEA capabilities."

Jesse Spence
Engineering Consultant

Progénie Experts-Conseils

"I would like to inform you that we are really pleased with the performance of the 64 bit NEi Nastran solver. We were able to run a linear structural analysis with 7,400,000 DOF on an Intel Xeon with 8 GB of RAM in less than 3 hours! Next step we will take full advantage of the NEi Nastran solver by analyzing our full model instead of using symmetry conditions. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this product to anyone. Please pass along my sincere thanks to your entire crew."

Rasvan Popescu

Wilson, Ihrig & Associates

"I have been very pleased with both Femap and NEi Nastran. The principal engineers at Wilson, Ihrig & Assoc., Inc. have been very impressed with the speed and confidence of the results. Thanks again."

James Phillips
Senior Consultant

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Atrus Incorporated

"I've recently started to use Pro/MECHANICA (FEM mode) as a pre-processor for NEi Nastran and it has been working out great. It is a huge (understatement) time saver for me. I've used it on three good sized jobs in the last week. For example, one job would have taken me a half a day to incorporate geometry changes with my other pre-processor. However, it only took me about 10 minutes in FEM mode. On another job, I was spending a lot of time getting a congruent mesh on a fairly complicated mid-plane model. With FEM mode, the time was reduced to minutes."

Douglas Dominick

DEVEE Engineering

"Use of NEi Nastran has been a dream come true for me in my consulting business of Mechanical/Structural analysis applied to design of Spacecraft and Aircraft. The pricing of the software is unbeatable and its technical prowess is outstanding. Analysis is a breeze with NEi Nastran, Femap and the built-in Editor. What is more, technical support is superb. The staff is courteous, responsive, knowledgeable and always willing to work hard to help resolve any problem. I am thoroughly impressed. I shall ever remain grateful to my colleague who introduced me to NEi Nastran."

Dr. Umesh C. Tahbildar

MCB Engineering Consulting, LLC

“David, I wanted to send to you a note about the outstanding support Serge Sidorov and David Cordova provide to your customers.They are very knowledgeable about your product, understand how to interact well with customer engineers such as myself and they provide fast and very efficient and effective support that makes the effort to learn how to effectively use your software much more rewarding and productive!My congratulations to you for your ability to attract such people to your firm and I hope my comments will help solidify further David and Serge's value to your company.I have been in practice for over 34 years and these two men are some of the best I have seen at their jobs.”

Gerry J. Dail, P.E.
President and Professional Mechanical Engineer

Micron Associates

"To better serve the needs of our client base, Micron Associates recently switch from MSC.Nastran to NEi Nastran. The reasons for switching were primarily performance and ease-of-use. For example, in the model shown of a 250T rack and pinion system used on an oil drilling rig, the teeth were failing when a convention AGMA analysis indicated they should not. To determine the cause of failure, the system was analyzed using NEi Nastran and for comparative purposes using MSC.Nastran as well. The results matched but run time to solution with NEi Nastran was 340 seconds, compared to MSC.Nastran’s solution time of 466 seconds; a decrease of 37%. We also found a 45-50% decrease in run time for non-linear problems and 30-50% for dynamics (given comparable mesh densities). Moreover, re-starts, memory management, and solver options are much more accessible in NEi Nastran compared to MSC.Nastran. And, additional ease-of-use features not found in other FEA products, particularly the NEi Nastran Editor, have saved us a considerable number of hours in model editing and in avoiding bad runs."

Dr. Michael Cronkite

Numerical Simulation Tech

"The greatest thing about NEi Nastran is NEi Software’s continuous and unrelenting effort towards improvement. They are truly a customer-oriented company and maintain excellent relations with their NEi Nastran users. They always pay close attention to users' requests with a very sincere attitude. Each time they release a new version of NEi Nastran, you can expect to find many enhancements making the program more powerful and easier to use."

Yutaka Zaiki
Sales person

RFA/Minnesota Engineering

"We were able to expand our business to new customers that preferred a Nastran solver. The NEi Software product allowed us to do this economically. The flexibility of the Femap Pre- and Post-Processors allows us to make mesh enhancements from other pre-processors and output the files into various solvers to meet our customers preferences."

Jay A. Tschetter
Supervising Engineer

Scussel & Associates

"My assessment of NEi Nastran is that is an excellent, cost effective package with a very powerful and easy to use pre/postprocessor. I would not hesitate in recommending it to companies looking for a robust and efficient FEA package. In addition, based on my experiences, I have found your technical support is far superior to that of many other companies in your business."

John Scussel

University of New South Wales

"Many thanks – it is indeed a pleasure to deal with a company that has such a professional attitude. I have just started doing some runs with NEi Nastran and to date have found it to be an excellent product. Best Regards."

Francis Tin-Loi

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Applied Structural Analysis

"Thank you very much for your prompt technical assistance. I was really under schedule pressure and you saved the day! Thanks again for reminding me why I swear by NEi Nastran and stake my whole career on it as an independent structural analysis consultant."

Brooks Mitchell

Coherent Technologies, Inc.

"A very good course [Femap Training Course], I learned a great deal. The hands-on approach is the best way to learn how to use the software. Minimal lecture and maximum time using and experimenting with the modeler is the way to learn.” [Dynamics Training Course] “Again, it was a very good course. I learned a tremendous amount. The hands-on approach was the best way to maximize the productivity of using NEi Nastran to perform analyses. Also, the informal/open atmosphere where everyone's questions and comments were welcomed enriched the learning experience."

Michael Browning
Senior Mechanical Engineer

Dietrich Design Group

"Dietrich Design Group serves as the Research and Development arm of Dietrich Industries, the nation’s largest manufacturer of cold-formed steel construction products. We evaluate existing products and new product prototypes through analysis in concert with in-house structural testing. I am experienced with several FE software packages, and have found NEi Nastran to be the most useful in many respects. The pre-processor is intuitive, and even my first model did not require extensive reference to the documentation. The analytic engine was fast, and the results have shown good agreement with our test data. When technical support was required, the support staff has always been helpful, prompt and friendly."

Badri Hiriyur
Research and Development Engineer

Hofstadter Analytical Services

"My recent switch to NEi Nastran was nearly effortless.  Seven days after receipt of the software, this one-third symmetry model of a telescope mirror was completed and delivered to the customer.  The model included radiative heating, natural convection, and jet impingement cooling. The software is intuitive, and the support I received was excellent."

Dan Hofstadter

Integrity from Marvin

"On behalf of Integrity and Marvin R&D departments, I would like to personally thank Mitch Muncy for his training efforts put forth Nov 28, 29, and 30th. Mitch performed at the highest degree of professionalism, demonstrated and communicated his skills with confidence. Mitch has the ability to motivate and capture the attention of the class. Training was very educational and the expertise acquired will contribute to the growth of Integrity. Mitch met and exceeded all expectations in regards to Femap and Nonlinear training. Mitch will also be highly recommended to instruct the next training session. Thank you, for your commitment and dedication."

Wayde Altendorf
R&D Engineer

Materials and Composites

"Mat-Comp is specialized in finding solutions in order to develop adaptable products that use composite materials. Amongst the available services, Mat-Comp can provide feasibility studies, structural analysis, designs as well as technology watch. We've recently started to use NEi Fusion for our design validation. This tool is great by combining one of the best modeler with the strength of NEi nastran In a recent bidding project, we had to validate the use of NEi fusion for the analysis of complex shapes. As with any new CAE tools, there are always issues that we have to resolve or functionalities we expect to have. We've got the rapid development turnaround and the excellent technical support from the NEi Software Team to work out the issues. They have found the way for providing us with additional functionality at a very rapid pace to aid us in obtaining our contract."

Serge Page
President, Composite Materials Expert


"NEi Nastran is an excellent integration of Femap and Nastran with all the capabilities of its more expensive competitor. After years of experience using the MSC package, I was able to migrate over to the NEi Software solution with ease. There were a few pleasant surprises with the NEi Nastran software. For instance, there is a status window that stays open during an analysis showing time step, current time, and convergence, allowing one to monitor the process of long runs. My first time using the NEi Software technical support was very rewarding. I found their personnel to be more knowledgeable and responsive than my time spent with the MSC hotline. All in all, NEi Nastran offers a better product for thousands less."

Dr. Edward M. Weinstein
Technical Director


"My past familiarity with FEMAP and the access provided by the editor has really opened the door to the power that the NEI engine has to offer. The documentation is excellent, as I have seen many examples accurately describe methods similar to those I used successfully in the past. I am impressed on the emphasis of checking the model and output in the examples…great job!"

Anthony Carbone
Mechanical Engineer

Remosa Valves

"We started using NEi Nastran at the end of 2001 after a wide and thorough survey of the FEA packages market. We were not satisfied with our previous package, thus we decided to try something else. We ended up choosing NEi Nastran because of the unbeatable cost vs. features ratio. After two years of almost continuous use, mainly in the thermal and structural field, definitely we don't regret our decision! The NEi Nastran developers are committed to continuous improvement, achieving capabilities typical of high end packages costing almost double."

Andrea Pusceddu
Design Engineer

Rocky Mountain Composites

"I have worked with NEi Nastran for approximately 8 months now, and have thoroughly enjoyed it. Within two weeks, I was moving around Femap comfortably and look forward to learning more efficient options and modeling tricks to improve my efficiency and productivity. I am already providing analysis results from simple shaft/plate tooling designs to complex co-cured wing and fuselage composite structures. What has made this possible is the timely, reliable, consistent, and professional technical support we have received. I have been so happy with NEi Nastran, that I hesitate to recommend its use to our competitors. To the technical support team, thank you for your timely and expert responses, and I look forward to a continued relationship."

Benko Ta’ala
Engineering Manager

The Wiremold Company

"When Wiremold was contracted to design floor electrical systems to withstand 53,000 pounds of load, NEi Nastran was there to prove the design. Thanks to NEi Nastran we were able to design and analyze a few iterations of the load bearing structure. This kept the cost down, made the test stand safer, and gave the confidence needed to go forward with the proof test."

Chuck Roche
Ph.D., P.E.

Tread Corporation

"We have found the NEi Nastran product and service to be excellent. Program enhancements are added frequently and the level of technical support is terrific. We have tried other products in the past, but the NEi Nastran is superior to any we have seen."

Lee Williams
Senior Mechanical Engineer

Tree Towers

"When looking into buying an analysis package I had some concerns: Sure, FEA is great for the big companies but we're a very small company. Can we even afford it? Will it be hard to learn? What if I can't figure it out?". Having used a competitor's software in college, I knew there could be problems. We've been using NEi Nastran for 8 months now, doing static and buckling analyses on structural systems. I can testify to the following points:

  1. NEi Software was flexible about finding us a package and price that we could stomach.
  2. The learning curve for this product was much shallower than I expected.
Thanks for the good work."

Ean Schiller
Vice President

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Neptune Sciences

"We have been using NEi Nastran and feel it is an extremely good product. We have used a number of other products in the past, ranging from GTSrudl to Cosmos. Our main CAD tool is SolidWorks and combined with Femap, NEi Nastran is far and away the most comprehensive, and usable system we have used. It is important to note that it is not often you come across a product and company, which does what it says it’s going to do, and more, and we feel they deserve all the support we can give."

Christopher Dubea
Director of Offshore Technology

Portsmouth Naval Shipyard

"Both of the answers to my inquiries have resulted in success with my model. The results are excellent. Also, using NEi Nastran, for this analysis has produced a simulation that was not possible with MSC.Nastran. Prior to using NE, I was using MSC and had to run this model in linear mode due to the high number of contact surfaces. Best Regards."

Chris Holmes

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ACES Engineering

"Finite Element Analysis has become an important tool to examine designs for their performance under load before a physical prototype exists. The two main advantages we gain through the use of FEA are: shorter time to market and optimized designs to avoid vibrations or to reduce weight and costs. After an extensive evaluation we decided to use NEi Nastran as our solver due to its high accuracy, robustness and productivity."

Thilo Trautwein
Dipl.-Ing. (FH)

CenPRA - Centro de Pesquisas Renato Archer

"Thank you again for the latest update. I am happy to say to you that our first case is almost finished and the NEi Nastran features were essential to reach our goals. The welded contact and non-linear analysis were heavily used."

Pedro Yoshito Noritomi


"I love the simplicity and extensibility of the femap API, and the meaningful support you guys provide. I’ve forsaken all other pre-processors and will continue to put it at the top of the list of my recommended FEA software. "

Kenneth Perry, Ph.D.

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