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Offshore Petroleum

model supplied by STX Canada Marine Inc.

NEi Nastran provides a wide range of proven solutions for offshore applications that enable our customers to evaluate and optimize the performance and reliability of their designs and production processes. Benefits include: shorter project development cycles, reduced development costs, fewer prototypes, managed and reduced risk, improved quality, checks for design flaws and problem areas, and tools for exploring alternative designs that promote innovation.

Customer Feedback

"...NEi Nastran is far and away the most comprehensive, and usable system we have used. It is important to note that it is not often you come across a product and company, which does what it says it’s going to do, and more, and we feel they deserve all the support we can give." Neptune Sciences


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Technical Strengths. Technical strengths for offshore projects include comprehensive nonlinear analysis, robust 3D surface contact, support for special materials like concrete, composites, elastomers and hyperelastic, suite of modal analysis tools, and 64-bit large model capability. Of particular note is NEi Software's ability to incorporate new features, enhancements and tools in NEi Nastran for your application.

Responsive Support. Our customer testimonials are the best reference we can offer on the response you can expect to your emails and telephone inquiries from our experienced application engineers. We understand your working environment and put in place the people to insure you can rely on your software as a valuable investment.

Business Advantages. In addition to the technical strengths and support, NEi Software provides many cost saving advantages in deployment and use. Examples include, productivity features like Automated Surface Contact Generation (ASCG™), the NEi Token System which gives the least cost for a full portfolio of simulation software in large organizations, no charges for multiple CPU use in NEi Nastran’s 64-bit version, and the ability to batch jobs for overnight and weekend runs using the NEi Editor feature.

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