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NEi Nastran provides a wide range of industry-proven solutions for manufacturing applications and material processing that enable our customers to evaluate and optimize many performance and reliability aspects of their designs and manufacturing processes. Benefits include: greater innovation, process automation, shorter development cycles, design for durability, and reduced physical prototypes.

Customer Feedback

"After years of experience using the MSC package, I was able to migrate over to the NEi Software, Inc. solution with ease. I found their personnel to be more knowledgeable and responsive than my time spent with the MSC hotline. All in all, NEi Nastran offers a better product for thousands less."

Dr. Edward M. Weinstein
Technical Director

NEi Nastran customers in manufacturing routinely address issues related to:

  • Structural durability and fatigue analysis of farming, forestry, construction, and recreational equipment
  • Design and analysis of consumer products, washing machines, appliances
  • Dynamic analysis of rotating machinery, such as pumps, motors, and compressors
  • Thermo-mechanical and fatigue analysis of power generation equipment, such as boilers, turbines, and heat exchangers
  • Design of reliable rollover and falling object protective systems (ROPS and FOPS)
  • Crash analysis of rolling stock, such as locomotives and wagons
  • Static and dynamic analysis of piping systems under various loads, such as thermal, pressure, seismic, and loads
  • Life predictions of various mechanisms, such as transmissions and industrial brakes and clutches
  • Manufacturing of thermoplastic and polymeric materials

NEi Nastran product suite key benefits for manufacturing processing:

  • Comprehensive interactive tools necessary for model creation, analysis monitoring, and results evaluation including a state-of-the-art analysis editor
  • Specialized industry-proven element technologies including hybrid quad and hex elements, surface and spot weld elements, heat transfer elements, and dissimilar mesh interpolation elements
  • High performance processing including advanced parallel PCG iterative, sparse direct, and block Lanczos solvers which allow solutions to large-scale models over 10 million degrees of freedom on inexpensive 32-bit Windows workstations as well as high end 64-bit Linux clusters
  • Robust contact capability using a 3D surface contact method which easily handles dissimilar meshes between components including frictional effects
  • Basic through advanced material models including temperature dependent materials, non-linear elasticity and plasticity effects, creep, and thermo-elasticity
  • Substructuring and Modal Reduction allows the creation and reuse of substructures to improve the efficiency of large analyses and provides a convenient method to transfer model data to subcontractors
  • Submodeling allows in-depth evaluation of particular regions
  • Load and Boundary Condition Interpolation, allows mapping of thermal and CFD output from specialized heat transfer and fluid dynamic models to the structural model for load and boundary condition definition
  • Multiple subcase capability provides a highly efficient technique to evaluate the response of structures to many different load cases and boundary conditions
  • Extensive composite material support including, 2D orthotropic, 3D orthotropic, general anisotropic, laminate lay-up definitions, and a wide range of failure criteria
  • Advanced solution sequences such as linear and nonlinear static, transient dynamic, steady state dynamic, frequency extraction, heat transfer, and other analysis types, provide a choice of appropriate analysis types for different types of simulations
  • Integration with specialized fatigue applications, such as winLIFE which is available as an add-on to the NEi Nastran product suite and also fe-safe, nCode, Falancs and FE-Fatigue

Case Histories in Manufacturing Industry

PDFTooling and Manufacturing Equipment by Bergomat Maschinenbau GmbH & Co.
PDFCargo Loader by Applied Structural Analysis, Inc.
PDFGolf Putter by ARA Engineering
PDFPower Plant Turbines by Leningradsky Metallichesky Zavod
PDFLoad Bearing Structures by Pratt & Whiteney Division of UTC
PDFMachinery Vibration by Engineering Consultants Group, Inc.
PDFShip Borne Juice Tank by Holvrieka Nirota


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