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AerospaceNASTRAN has long been the back-bone of the aerospace community where critical applications are the norm. Military and civilian aircraft, satellites and other unique applications involve million of dollars in budgets and no margin for error in safety... [more]


AutomotiveNEi Nastran represents the next phase in automotive FEA evolution. True NASTRAN power is no longer unaffordable or complicated to use. Critical applications demand software that lives up to the challenge as people’s lives rest in the hands of your analysts and the tools they use... [more]


Civil EngineeringNEi Nastran provides civil engineers with a cost-effective FEA solution for critical analysis projects. The need for reliable, accurate results is paramount when designing civil structures for use by the public... [more]


Manufacturing / MaterialsPowerful solvers and advanced programming techniques make quick work of any model, regardless of the size. Industrial applications require an FEA tool that can handle large, complex models quickly without sacrificing accuracy in the results... [more]


MarineNEi Nastran operates equally well at sea as on dry land. Whether it's offshore drilling equipment, NAVSEA compliant DDAM analysis or simply winning the America’s Cup. Marine applications combine the standard requirements faced in structural analysis with unique environmental factors. Utilizing an FEA solution that does not understand this can mean disaster... [more]


MedicalNEi Nastran brings proven performance to the medical product industry. In a field where reliable, accurate results are critical and patient safety is at stake, the answers have to be right every time! NEi Nastran has a solid background in medical device design and analysis and this proven performance means you can deliver your products with complete confidence... [more]

Offshore Petroleum

Offshore PetroleumNEi Nastran provides a wide range of proven solutions for offshore applications that enable our customers to evaluate and optimize the performance and reliability of their designs and production processes... [more]

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