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TMG-Flow by MAYA HTTTMG-Flow by MAYA HTT provides computational fluid dynamics CFD analysis solutions and models of 3D fluid velocity, temperature and pressure for both steady state and transient applications. The package supports the simulation of both laminar and turbulent fluid flow, low speed and high speed compressible flow, forced convection, natural convection and mixed flows, all with multiple inlets, outlets and internal flow boundary conditions.

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Solution Types

  • Transient for Newtonian fluids
  • Steady-State for Newtonian fluids


checkSolution Features

  • Surface convection, natural, forced and mixed flows, including multiple inlets, outlets, and internal flow boundary conditions
  • Air flow turbulence modeling including K-E, fixed viscosity and mixing length models
  • Internal and external fans, vents, and openings, including fan/pump curves
  • Low-speed, high-speed and compressible flows
  • Rotating and translating surfaces
  • Rotating frames of reference for rotating machinery
  • Model symmetry and slip conditions
  • Support for unconstrained mesh including tetrahedral, wedge and brick elements
  • Volume porosity and flow resistances
  • Disjoint meshing, support for flows across disconnected mesh-to-mesh volumes
  • High order advection schemes
  • Humidity and general scalars
  • Thin wall modeling using shell elements for conduction, convection and radiation
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