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Maximize Your Purchasing Power

When you finance your NEi Software products and services, you preserve your working capital and credit lines while maximizing your ability to accomplish powerful, accurate and fast Nastran finite element analysis.

Besides offering flexible terms and tax benefits, financing allows your company to more easily obtain the very latest, most powerful software version, and keep up with your competitors by using the most advanced analysis tools of NEi Nastran and Femap.

nei software financing

100% Financing - Includes software, training and maintenance. With financing, you get quick approval, prompt funding. Your company gets the tax benefits of depreciation and ownership of the software at the end of the term. The equipment finance agreement has a residual buyout of $1.00 and no penalty for early payoff.


Financing is a Good Value

  • No Big Cash Outlay - Get started with just your first and last monthly payments, plus a $75.00 documentation fee for most transactions.
  • Preserves Cash - Financing allows for cash and lines of credit to remain free.
  • Tax Treatment - Financing offers the tax benefits of depreciation, and allows your company to own the software.
  • Flexibility - We meet your business needs by creating customized financing programs that allow you to choose the equipment, budget for cash flow and plan for business growth.
  • Upgrade Technology - Keep pace with new technology. Financing allows for added software or upgrades to meet changing business needs.
  • New Business Program - Financing can help a new business get off to a great start.

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