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NEi Editor

Using the NEi Editor and NEi Nastran Analysis Modules in Femap

Demo: Using the NEi Editor and NEi Nastran Analysis Modules in Femap

The NEi Nastran Editor is an industry unique tool that gives engineers greater control over their Nastran FEA models and results. Features such as advanced editing, context-sensitive input, and dynamic help greatly increase productivity and results reliability from the start. New advanced graphics option, which uses hardware acceleration, improves the performance for saving and loading large models, displaying and animating large results files. Built-in tools such as the trade study generator and built-in optimization utility give users quick insight into the effects of design changes. Real-time results are displayed through an integrated post-processor allowing users to visualize results as they are generated during the solution sequence. These features combined make the NEi Nastran Editor an indispensable tool for designers and analysts alike.

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Customer Feedback

"One of NEi Nastran's greatest features is the Editor. Processing directives and parameters are easily managed in a tree structure in a side window and all of the Nastran keywords and statements are linked to context sensitive help file. Even the error codes may be quickly and automatically looked up in the reference manual, which makes debugging a breeze. This is the sort of feature that Nastran has always needed."

Brian Meyer
Fiberdynamics, Inc.

Solution Types

The NEi Nastran Editor is supported in all NEi Nastran solution sequences.


  • Fully integrated and customizable Nastran Editor controls program operation and provides results summary data through an easy to use GUI
  • Complete online documentation and context sensitive help with hypertext links
  • COM (Component Object Model) interface provides interactive communication to Nastran solver during analysis for real-time job control and status
  • Automatic update notification
  • Integrated NEi Explicit job execution and context-sensitive help


  • Mapped input file for easy right-click definition of optimization variables
  • Optimization control dialog for editing, defining, and deleting objectives, constraints and variables
  • Integrated optimization result launcher for access to optimization evaluations
  • Use the initial values from the NAS file as variables, or use the default value selected from the optimizer in the optimization
  • The best evaluation result is indicated, allowing for easy loading of the most optimized model
  • Modal Assurance Criteria (MAC) with two objectives available: Maximize MAC Diagonal and Minimize MAC Off-Diagonal

checkFile Display and Editing

  • Full-featured Windows text editor with user configurable toolbars, drag-and-drop editing, search and replace, multi-level undo and redo, book marking, clipboard access, and Multiple Document Interface (MDI) support
  • Tabbed windows to give immediate access to all input and output files
  • Column selection and column cut and paste operations
  • Large file support
  • Syntax coloring feature highlights comments and recognized Nastran commands and entries
  • Free field to fixed field converter utility
  • Vertical field markers to simplify manual editing
  • User positionable field labels

NEi Nastran Editor

checkJob Control

  • Job queuing for setting up and running consecutive analyses automatically added when opening model in Editor
  • Real time job status information with stop/start controls
  • Graphical nonlinear convergence form displays nonlinear work, load, and displacement convergence in percent complete bar format
  • Expandable tree access to all model parameters and initialization directives
  • Direct error message linking to Nastran input file helps locate errors quickly
  • Configuration trade study generator automatically generates and queues models with user specified design variable changes such as thickness or dimension for design sensitivity analysis

checkModel Graphical Display

  • Hidden line and wireframe displays
  • 3D dynamic pan, zoom, and rotation
  • Light source shading and transparency
  • Toolbars access for frequently used commands
  • Dynamic highlight during selection operations
  • Load and boundary condition display including: constraints, forces, moments, pressures, and temperatures
  • 2D and 3D element mid-side nodes display
  • Rotational force display
  • Model data query for nodes, elements, properties, and materials
  • The default analysis options include user-definable default settings for Display Options and Post-Processing.
  • Interactive ‘drilldown’ querying allows users to look at internal nodes, element, properties, and materials as they change in depth
  • Faster highlighting of elements

checkResults Graphical Display

  • Deformation, animation, and vector displays
  • Filled color contours and criteria displays
  • X-Y plots
  • Transparent max/min labels
  • Single and multi-set set animations
  • Tabular results output with quick find search buttons
  • Print graphics and tubular results windows
  • Export graphics to JPEG, BMP, TIFF, and GIF formats
  • Save animations with animated GIF support
  • Real time deformed shape and results contour displays with automatic updating for nonlinear static and transient solutions
  • Interactive ‘drilldown’ querying allows users to look at internal nodes, element, properties, and materials as they change in depth
  • Supports element deletion for NEi Explicit post-processing
  • Interactive ‘drilldown’ querying allows users to look at internal element results as they change in depth
  • Miscellaneous results display:
    • Surface contact results
    • Rod, bar, beam, shell, spring, and solid element results
    • Grid point stress and strain
    • Polar and rectangular complex data results
    • Nodal force balance
    • Shear flow and nodal force balance
    • Rigid body elements results
    • “TOTAL" calculated results, for all Tensor6 x, y and z components in Model tree
    • SPC force summation
    • Max/min for contour value
    • Rotational force

checkResults X-Y Plotting

  • Data generated at grid points with a Case Control command (XYDATAGENERATE)
  • Real-time results x-y plot support at max/min and user specified model locations with automatic updating at each nonlinear or dynamic solution step
  • Export x-y plots to MS Excel Comma Separated Variable (.CSV) file format

NEi Nastran Editor: Model Graphical Display

  • 3D vertical bar plot support for Modal Assurance Criterion (MAC) and Modal Cross Orthogonality (MXO) analysis as well as Damage and Rainflow counting matrices from fatigue analyses
  • Automatic modal effective mass and frequency versus mode number X-Y plot generation for modal response solutions
  • Real/imaginary and magnitude/phase plots in frequency response and random vibration solutions
  • User definable settings can be customized and saved for different solution types

NEi Nastran Editor: Model Graphical Display

checkAdvanced Tools

  • Special input forms for classified DDAM data allows models to run in an unclassified environment
  • Parabolic shell to linear shell element converter
    • CQUAD8 to CQUAD4 and CTRIA6 to CTRIA3
  • Parabolic shell to element with vertex rotation converter

checkAutomatic HTML Report Generator

  • Report contains:
    • Analysis summary
    • Group definitions
    • Contact definitions
    • Element initial distortion
    • Load vector resultant
    • Reaction vector resultant
    • Displacement data
    • Peak displacement
    • Stress result summary
  • Report wizard for easy generation
  • Supported in web browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox

NEi Nastran Editor: Model Graphical Display

Product Brochure

NEi Editor Brochure

Media Coverage

Jun 2010
Kenneth Wong

Looking Under the Hood of FEA Results with NEi Editor
Kenneth Wong’s Virtual Desktop
presented by Desktop Engineering

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