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Technology transfer, project overload, and shifts in engineering staff require a cross-organizational team. NEi Software offers a complete range of engineering services that enable engineers meet product development deadlines.

  • Full FEA project management
  • Transfer of FEA knowledge by working in parallel with product development teams
  • Advice and mentoring to help guide an engineer through their FEA analysis
  • On call experts that can answer questions that crop up at the most critical moments


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We invite you to contact our experts to discuss your project requirements and obtain a cost estimate.


  • Structural Analysis
  • Linear Analysis
  • Aerospace Vehicle Strength Analysis
  • Weapon System Stiffness Assessment
  • Nonlinear Analysis including Material Non-Linearity
  • Impact Analysis
  • Contact Bolt Lift-off
  • Steady State or Transient Thermal Analysis including Conduction, Convection and Radiation
  • Mechanical Loading Induced by Thermal Conditions
  • Dynamic Analysis
  • Normal Modes
  • Frequency Response
  • Transient Response
  • Pre-Stiffened Effects
  • DDAM Analysis
  • Shock Spectra Methods
  • Random Analysis
  • Composite Materials
  • Static and Dynamic Analysis
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