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Civil Engineering

SOAR Observatory - Cerro Pachon, ChileNEi Nastran Finite Element Analysis software provides a wide range of industry proven solutions for civil engineering infrastructure like power plants, bridges, roads, railways, structures, and water systems. Benefits include: greater confidence in the structural integrity of the design when considering more innovative construction methods and materials, faster evaluation of trade studies, configuration changes and concept designs, parallel evaluation of the overall structure with key detailing within the structure, and capability to deal with all types of loading environments.

Customer Feedback

"NEi Software, Inc. I am serious about the offer to use me as a spokesman. Your software has exceed even the expectations that you yourself set for MME. Those expectations were very high, and you still managed to overwhelm us."

Dr. Michael E. Stevenson
Metals & Material Engineers

NEi Nastran customers in civil engineering routinely address issues related to:

  • Structure analysis of concrete slabs, structural frames, building trusses, guyed masts, towers, and silos, as well as innovative thin shell and geodesic structures
  • Design and analysis of tension structures, glass atriums and skylights, and composite roofs and canopies
  • Detailed analysis to predict local buckling, assess fatigue and welding defects
  • Loading environments such as seismic, impact, wind, snow, ice and thermal loading
  • Prestress analysis of tension structures, cables, and reinforcing members
  • Seismic analysis using CQC, NRL, SRSS and ABS modal combination methods
  • Linear and nonlinear transient, frequency, and random response analysis with base excitation
  • Applications including structures found in airports, theme parks, public and commercial buildings, observatories, and parking garages
  • Full Analysis capabilities from model setup to detail results visualization

NEi Nastran product suite key benefits for civil engineering:

  • Comprehensive interactive tools necessary for model creation, analysis monitoring, and results evaluation including a state-of-the-art analysis editor.
  • High performance processing including advanced parallel PCG iterative, sparse direct, and block Lanczos solvers which allow solutions to large-scale models over 10 million degrees of freedom on inexpensive 32-bit Windows workstations as well as high end 64-bit Linux clusters.
  • Robust contact capability using a 3D surface contact method which easily handles dissimilar meshes between components including frictional effects.
  • Basic through advanced material models including temperature dependent materials, nonlinear elasticity and plasticity effects, creep, and thermo-elasticity.
  • Modal Reduction and Substructuring allowing in-depth evaluation of particular regions and convenient transfer of models to subcontractors.
  • Submodeling, allowing in-depth evaluation of particular regions.
  • Load and Boundary Condition Interpolation allows mapping of thermal and CFD output from specialized heat transfer and fluid dynamic models to the structural model for load and boundary condition definition.
  • Advanced solution sequences such as linear and nonlinear static, transient dynamic, steady state dynamic, frequency extraction, heat transfer, and other analysis types, provide a choice of appropriate analysis types for different types of simulations.
  • Support for standard manufacturing process effects such as casting induced warpage and residual stress and strain.
  • Integration with specialized fatigue applications such as winLIFE, which is available as an add-on to the NEi Nastran product suite and also fe-safe, nCode, Falancs and FE-Fatigue.

Case Histories in Civil Industry

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