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Smithson Engineering case historyEfficient Load Paths 6 Oz Aircraft Brackets

roomier cabin with more overhead stowage capacity, the internal turbulence restraint brackets were due for a redesign. Could it be redesigned to take the higher loads while reducing manufacturing costs and weight? Could it be composite? The prior... [more]

Scaled Composites uses NEi Nastran Finite Element Analysis (FEA) softwareWhiteKnightTwo and SpaceShipTwo

Despite receiving offers of free software from NEi's competitors, Scaled Composites specifically chose to purchase NEi Nastran to meet its needs, based on its strong composites platform and excellent technical support... [more]

Low cost, efficient, quiet solutions for a propeller system for Personal Air VehiclesVariable Pitch Propeller System

Howarth Development Associates (HDA) is a design and development firm specializing in cost saving designs using plastic and reinforced composite materials as an alternative to heavier and more expensive metal counterparts... [more]

Nastran analysis of SpaceShipOne hybrid rocket motors static analysis and nonlinear buckling analysisSpaceShipOne Bulkhead

SpaceDev designed and integrated critical technology for the safe hybrid rocket motors for Paul Allen's crewed SpaceShipOne. NEi Nastran software was used to perform both a static analysis at the qualification pressure and a nonlinear buckling analysis... [more]

Finite Analysis of Model SR22 Wings by Cirrus Deisgn CorporationCirrus Design SR22 Wing

Cirrus Design Corporation of Duluth, Minnesota used NEi Nastran to perform finite element analysis on the Model SR22 Wings... [more]

Finite Element software used by Cessna Aircraft Citation CJ3 and Citation Mustang Tension-Only Quad ElementsCessna Citation Mustang Business Jet

Cessna Aircraft Company of Wichita, Kansas used NEi Nastran to perform finite element analysis on the new Citation CJ3 and Citation Mustang business jets. Customer driven enhancements like the Tension-Only... [more]

Composite Analysis of Antenna by Milliflect CorporationComposite Antenna Reflector

NEi Software, Inc. performed an analysis using NEi Nastran on this 16.6 ft. composite antenna reflector for Milliflect Corporation... [more]

Finite Element Analysis on Northrop-Grumman James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) SunshieldJames Webb Space Telescope

A finite element analysis using NEi Nastran was carried out on the Northrop-Grumman James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) Sunshield... [more]

Northwest Composites Luggage Bin Tie Rod buckling loads for Boeing 767 luggage bin tie rodComposite Tie Rod

Northwest Composites, Inc. used NEi Nastran to predict buckling loads in this luggage bin tie rod, which will be used in newer Boeing 767 Airliners... [more]

NASA Langley STAR Antenna configuration finite analysis by L'GardeNASA STAR Antenna

NEi Nastran was used by L’Garde to carry out the analysis and modeling of the NASA Langley STAR Antenna configuration... [more]

Composite Thermal Damage Assessment of Composite StructuresDamage Assessment of Composite Structures

Monash University of Australia used thermography as a tool for damage assessment of composite structures... [more]

Composites Analysis - composite panels under compression performed by Christos KassapoglouComposite Panels Under Compression

Christos Kassapoglou, Composites Analysis, Greece, performed studies to improve the performance of rectangular composite panels under compression... [more]

Aerodynamic FEA Stress Analysis and Composites Analysis - Damage Assessment of Composite Structures - KillerBee KB-UABlended Wing UAV

...SolidWorks 3D CAD software helped define the craft’s initial shape, while NEi Nastran, supplied by NEi Software, Inc., was used to size and develop the airframe structure... [more]

Composites Analysis for Damage Assessment of carbon-fiber propulsive wing UAVPropulsive Wing UAV

The entire vehicle is custom designed and fabricated out of carbon-fiber composites.  Surface modeling techniques in NEi Nastran were essential to investigate the effect of various laminate schedules on the distribution of stresses in the airframe... [more]

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Smithson Engineering case historyTaking Out Weight 6 Ton Gin-Pole Test Ramps

Castleman Truck Inspection (CTI) builds, inspects and certifies high performance gin-pole trucks for heavy lifting in the oil and gas industry. They were constantly looking for a 30 ton weight to pull against until they cut an old bridge in half and now... [more]

Howarth Development Associates case historyEngine Timing Cam Chain Tensioner Arm

Howarth Development Associates (HDA) is a design and development firm specializing in cost saving designs using plastic and reinforced composite materials as an alternative to heavier and more expensive metal counterparts... [more]

Stumpp, Schuele & Somappa case historyAutomotive Front-End Spring

India’s “Number 1” spring manufacturer Stumpp, Schuele & Somappa (SSS), cater to major automotive OEMs. SSS uses NEi Nastran to design better and more reliable products... [more]

FEM Analysis of High Performance Wheel for sports carHigh Performance Racing Wheel

Progressive Engineering Services in Bulverde, Texas used NEi Nastran to analyze the design of the center section of a 3 piece high performance wheel, which was custom built for an exotic sports car... [more]

Composite FEM on carbon-epoxy composites of Minardi F1 Race Car monocoque chassisFormula 1 Chassis Design

The chassis design is the central theme in the structural design of the Minardi F1... [more]

Composites Analysis by Jayhawk Motorsports - University of Kansas - Formula SAE auto racing team composite wheelsComposite Racing Wheel

Jayhawk Motorsports of the University of Kansas, an established Formula SAE team, has designed composite wheels for their car using NEi Software, Inc. analysis software... [more]

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The mesh consisted of plate and beam elements for the walking surfaces and tubular elements for the supporting structure.Bridge Maintenance Frame

The model was analyzed with the objective of reducing the lateral
deflection of the frame from 7" to 3/4". By using NEi Nastran, J. C. Banks Construction was able to adjust localized structural properties to produce reactions at the supports... [more]

NEi Nastran was used for all the Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and engineering simulation work including the composite components.Monorail Cars

Morin Research & Development Corp. (MRDC) is a consulting company delivering turn-key engineering and fabrication solutions for complex electro-mechanical systems such as custom machines, mechanisms, chassis, and test stands... [more]

Composite Analysis - Sorcerer's hat fiberglass ply buckling composite FEMTheme Park Attraction

NEi Nastran was used by a major theme entertainment company in Lake Buena Vista, Florida to analyze the new icon for their theme park, a giant Sorcerer’s hat... [more]

Model Analysis for vibration effects - Automated People MoverAutomated People Mover

NEi Nastran was used by Wilson, Ihrig & Associates, Inc. to analyze the effects of vibration created by the new APM (Automated People Mover) being incorporated into the expansion project of a major international airport... [more]

Composite FEM for SOAR telescope interlaminar shear stress, stiffness, and laminate failure indices of panels - Composites AnalysisTelescope Observatory

The Southern Astrophysical Research (SOAR) Telescope is a 4.2-meter, clear-aperture optical/IR telescope on Cerro Pachon in the Chilean Andes... [more]

FEA Analysis of Elasto-plastic behavior of the cross arms - Tower Testing and Research Station (TTRS), Structural Engineering Research CenterElectric Powerline Towers

The Tower Testing and Research Station (TTRS), Structural Engineering Research Center, Chennai, India, conducted 105 full-scale tower tests and out of these, 28 towers had premature failures... [more]

Femap and Nastran used for Odan/Detech Group - StormceptorStormwater Separator

The Odan/Detech Group Inc. (Odan/Detech) was retained by Stormceptor Canada Inc. to review and perform a stress analysis of the Stormceptor Fiberglass Plastic Insert, with emphasis on safety... [more]

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SKW designers take advantage of 3-D CAD software and NEi Nastran with FemapOpencast Mining Machines

Design work is the core activity of SKW. Its potential enables the implementation of the largest ventures within the opencast mining machines and the equipment of depository sites.... [more]

Energy efficient heat exchangersHeat Exchanger

Dynalabs, Krakow, Poland is a consulting company specialized in the designing of energy efficient heat exchangers as well as vibration and noise reduction devices... [more]

Nastran software used by Bergomat Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. to design and analyze tooling machine housingTooling Machine Housing

Bergomat Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. used NEi Nastran to design and analyze this tooling machine housing, which is a major component of a multi functional tooling center... [more]

Stress analysis performed by Holvrieka Nirota B.V. Netherlands to analyze the design of a new cargo tankShip Cargo Tanks

Holvrieka Nirota B.V. in the Netherlands used NEi Nastran to analyze the design of a new cargo tank. The tank is part of a design to convert a 25,000... [more]

Power Plant Turbines

The Leningradsky Metallichesky Zavod Company produced numerous high-speed low-pressure steam turbines for many Eastern European countries... [more]

Femap Nastran modal analysis of vibration used to analyze coal mill resonance causing shaft failureCoal Feeder Machinery Vibration

Engineering Consultants Group, Inc. used NEi Nastran to analyze a coal mill that was observed to go into resonance at various coal feeder speeds... [more]

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Marine Design and Operations, Inc. case studyRoll On - Roll Off Cargo Ramp

Marine Design and Operations, Inc. (MDO) is a marine architecture, engineering, and consulting firm with twenty five years of experience in design for containerships, cargo vessels, barges, and offshore structures... [more]

Fabrication and conversion support for offshore drilling rigsOffshore Derrick Design

Superior Derrick is a design and manufacturing facility for the offshore oil industry. Located in New Iberia Louisiana, they provide fabrication and conversion support for offshore drilling rigs and equipment... [more]

FEM analysis of maritime ocean-going cargo vesselComplete Cargo Ship Model

The following model (a complete ocean-going cargo vessel) is an example of the capability of NEi Nastran to handle huge, complex models fast and efficiently... [more]

buckling analysis using NEi NastranAmerica’s Cup Composite Mast

Plytech Engineering Limited performed buckling analysis (below and right) using NEi Nastran on the Sayonara sailing yacht's composite mast (left) designed by Southern Spars Limited, New Zealand... [more]

FEA engineering software analysis by Aker Yards Marine for foundations of heavy cranes on offshore supply vesselsOffshore Supply Vessel Crane

STX Canada Marine in Vancouver, Canada uses NEi Nastran to design foundations for heavy cranes on offshore supply vessels... [more]

fem software Maritime architects designed hull and legs to ABS criteriaOffshore Lift Boat

Using NEi Nastran the architects were able to design the hull and legs to withstand the criteria set forth by the ABS... [more]

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analysis using NEi Nastran and FemapSteam Turbine Blade

Julio C. Banks from J. C. Banks Construction LLC worked on a steam turbine blade project for a client that urgently needed a thermo-structural analysis completed in a matter of three days... [more]

FEA stress analysis performed by Applied Structural Analysis, Inc for Next Generation Small Loader by the Royal Air Force RAF and Royal Norwegian Air ForceAircraft Cargo Loader

Applied Structural Analysis, Inc. used NEi Nastran to analyze the Next Generation Small Loader (right), which will replace an older aircraft cargo loader used by the Royal Air Force (RAF) and Royal Norwegian Air Force... [more]

Femap 9.3 and NEi Nastran used by Wiremold Company for stochastic analysis tools in optimizing load-bearing structuresCable and Conduit Trays for Buildings

The Wiremold Company demonstrated the advantages of using stochastic analysis tools in optimizing load-bearing structures... [more]

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FEM engineering performed by Trautwein Engineering for medical implantsOrthopedic Implants

Analysis performed using NEi Nastran by Trautwein Engineering in Stuttgart, Germany was used to predict behavior of medical implants manufactured by Schäfer Micromed GmbH... [more]

NEi Nastran was able to analyze the complete sliding contact between arbitrary surfaces including friction. Spinal Implant

...The NEi Nastran surface contact solution made model set up easy and permitted the analysis of very complex assemblies (impossible with standard gap or slide line elements)... [more]

MSI simulated a typical test construct's operation during a complete load cycle using the FEA program NEi Nastran Spinal Implant Fatigue Stress Analysis

A manufacturer of spinal implant system had developed a new external-fixation clamping device to the stage that it was ready to undergo required compression-fatigue testing... [more]

Development of a 3D FEM for Evaluating

Insertion Trajectories of Electrode Arrays, Contact Stresses and Associated Damage in the Human CochleaCochlear Implant Electrode

A 3D finite element analysis has been used in this study to model the insertion of the single wire (uniform stiffness), the Nucleus standard straight (graded stiffness) and the Contour electrode arrays... [more]

Nastran used by faculty of Odontology at Piracicaba State University of Campinas for mandibular implants Human Mandible Implant

...Thanks to NEi Nastran welded contact model and the power of the nonlinear solvers, allied to the flexible pre- and post-processing of Femap, not only was a solution obtained but it could be easily visualized and comprehended by professionals... [more]

Finite Analysis by NuLens Ltd foradjustable lens Prosthetic Adjustable Lens for Human Eye

...NuLens Ltd. has developed a prosthetic adjustable lens replacement using NEi Nastran FEA Software. Now patients are able to receive clear vision with the ability to focus on images up close and far away... [more]

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Marine Design and Operations, Inc. case studyMusical Drumhead

The Physics Department of the University of Puget Sound of Tacoma WA, conducted a research study of the behavior of normal modes on a musical drumhead under non-uniform tension... [more]

Marine Design and Operations, Inc. case studyLight Weight Canoe

Brooks Mitchell of Applied Structural Analysis, Huntsville AL, designed, constructed and tested 2 pairs of 14 foot canoes that weigh less than 30 lbs each using NEi Works, Femap and NEi Nastran... [more]

FEA analysis performed by ARA Engineering Inc. of Mesa, AZ to optimize the design of a golf putter Mountain Bike

Niner Bikes of North Hollywood, California, is the first and only production bicycle company dedicated exclusively to building 29" wheel mountain bikes.... [more]

FEA analysis performed by ARA Engineering Inc. of Mesa, AZ to optimize the design of a golf putter Golf Putter

NEi Nastran was used by ARA Engineering Inc. of Mesa, AZ to optimize the design of a golf putter... [more]

Composite analysis of fiberglass and fiberreinforced plastic FRPTheme Park Waterslide

FormaShape used NEi Nastran to model the assembly of several FRP waterslide parts for a product called the Superbowl for companies such as SpaWorld (Japan), Chula Vista, Seaworld, and Triple Play... [more]

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