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Automotive Finite Element Analysis

NEi Nastran provides a wide range of industry proven solutions for automotive applications that enable our customers to evaluate and optimize many performance and reliability aspects of their designs and manufacturing processes. Benefits include: greater innovation, process automation, shorter development cycles, design for durability, reduced physical prototypes, improved quality and innovation.

Customer Feedback

"We have chosen NEi Nastran after an extensive and detailed internal benchmark, comparing the results, the performance, and the features of the solver developed by NEi Software, Inc. with those of our former FEA platform. Full compatibility, accuracy, along with the professionalism and quick turnaround of the tech support from NEi Software, Inc. and SmartCAE were the main reasons why we selected NEi Nastran as our FEA software for the future."

Paolo Marabini
Structures and Calculation
Chief Engineer
Minardi Team F1

NEi Nastran customers in the automotive industry routinely address:

  • Minardi F1 Race CarFull vehicle modeling, chassis, engine, driveline, body
  • Engine operating environment under structural and thermal loading to assess durability
  • Transmission performance, including non-linear and frictional effects
  • Component design
  • Power train flexural and torsional dynamic response
  • Noise and vibration of the Body-in-White
  • Thermal cycling
  • Mechanism analysis
  • System and component performance and durability
  • Assembly analysis of mechanical joints such as bolts, spot welds, and seam welds
  • Low speed impact analysis

NEi Nastran product suite key benefits for automotive engineering:

  • Comprehensive interactive tools necessary for model creation, analysis monitoring, and results evaluation including a state-of-the-art analysis editor
  • Specialized industry-proven element technologies including hybrid quad and hex elements, surface and spot weld elements, and dissimilar mesh interpolation elements
  • High performance processing including advanced parallel PCG iterative, sparse direct, and block Blanco solvers which allow solutions to large-scale models over 10 million degrees of freedom on inexpensive 32-bit Windows workstations as well as high end 64-bit Linux clusters
  • Robust contact capability using a 3D surface contact method which easily handles dissimilar meshes between components including frictional effects
  • Basic through advanced material models including temperature dependent materials, non-linear elasticity and plasticity effects, creep, and thermo-elasticity
  • Modal Reduction and Substructuring allowing in-depth evaluation of particular regions and convenient transfer of models to subcontractors
  • Sub modeling allowing in-depth evaluation of particular regions
  • Load and Boundary Condition Interpolation allows mapping of thermal and CFD output from specialized heat transfer and fluid dynamic models to the structural model for load and boundary condition definition
  • Advanced solution sequences such as linear and nonlinear static, transient dynamic, steady state dynamic, frequency extraction, heat transfer, and other analysis types, provide a choice of appropriate analysis types for different types of simulations
  • Support for standard manufacturing process effects such as casting induced warpage and residual stress and strain
  • Integration with specialized fatigue applications such as winLIFE, which is available as an add-on to the Ministrant product suite, and also fe-safe, nCode, Falancs and FE-Fatigue

Case Studies in Automotive Industry

PDFTaking Out Weight 6 Ton Gin-Pole Test Ramps
PDFRacing Wheel by Progressive Engineering
PDFChassis Design by Minardi F1 Team


Conference Papers

PDFNonlinear Static and Multi-Axial Fatigue Analysis of Automotive Lower Control Arm Using NEi Nastran


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