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NEi Aeroelasticity

NEiAeroelasticityNEi Aeroelasticity (ZAERO) by ZONA Technology Inc. is a powerful engineering tool that integrates all essential disciplines required for advanced aeroelastic design and analysis. It has extensive capabilities in the areas of aeroelasticity, aeroservoelasticity, unsteady aerodynamics and structural dynamics.

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Solution Types

  • Flutter
  • Static Aeroelastic
  • Aeroservoelastic
  • Flutter with Nonlinearity


checkSolution Features

  • Dynamic memory and database management system ensures program modularity and allows for virtually unlimited problem size
  • Executive control allows for massive flutter/ASE/trim inputs and solution outputs
  • Matched/non-matched point flutter solutions with true aerodynamic damping (includes a unique flutter mode tracking capability and flutter sensitivity analysis)
  • Steady/unsteady aerodynamics at subsonic, transonic, supersonic and hypersonic Mach numbers with no change to aerodynamic model

checkLoads and Boundary Conditions

  • Static aeroelastic/trim analysis for flight loads at symmetric, antisymmetric and asymmetric maneuver conditions
  • Dynamic loads
  • Flutter
  • Ejection
  • Maneuver
  • Gust
  • State-space aeroservoelasticity for stability analysis and gust loads

checkPerformance and Control Features

  • Uses the most current advances in finite element technology
  • Extensive error checking at all stages of execution
  • Bulk data input is very similar to Nastran, cutting down learning time
  • Modal data importer automatically imports FEM modal data output directly from Nastran
  • Open architecture design allows the user direct access to all data entities (a completely programmable environment)
  • Unified AIC matrices can be stored for repetitive structural design and analysis

checkModeling Features

  • High fidelity geometry module allows for realistic modeling of aircraft configurations, including the fuselage, stores, nacelles, etc.

checkOutput Features

  • 3D spline provides accurate displacements and force transferal between structural FEM and aerodynamic models
  • Graphic output of aerodynamic model, unsteady pressures, interpolated structural modes, flutter mode animation, and more

checkTransient Heat Transfer

  • Linear and nonlinear
  • Conduction, convection, and radiation

checkBuckling Analysis

  • Critical loads and mode shapes
  • Linear and nonlinear initial stress

checkGeneral (Supported in all solutions)

  • Composite laminate materials
  • Temperature dependent materials
  • Direct matrix import & export (DMIG)
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