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NEi Optimization

NEi Optimization

Optimizing to Save Time and Money

Webinar: Analysis Optimization AdvancementsUsing optimization during the design cycle, allows companies that are already using FEA simulation to reduce the time needed to arrive at an optimal design. Engineers can run multiple design scenarios at once and rely on the NEi Optimization engine to deliver an optimal scenario. The feature not only reduces the time needed to run each scenario early in the design phase but can also be useful in testing new product design against existing designs. This is why design optimization tools are being more widely adopted as engineers look to FEA software solutions to find ways to reduce material costs, time to market and field failures.

NEi Optimization allows users to perform parametric FEA analysis in order to understand the relationship between objective functions, the constraints and the myriad of design variables. Once an engineer has carefully defined the objective function and selected design constraints as well as design variables, these can be entered directly through the NEi Editor interface to obtain an optimized design solution.

NEi Editor

The NEi Nastran Editor is an industry unique tool that gives engineers greater control over their Nastran FEA models and results. The built-in optimization utility give users quick insight into the effects of design changes.

Optimization Interface

The NEi Optimization interface

Features of NEi Optimization

  1. NEi Optimization allows users to set up optimization within the bulk data file. Design objectives, constraints and variables can all be set up in a few steps within the NEi Editor.
  2. Analysis progress can be monitored through a separate tab located in the NEi Editor.
  3. Evaluations can be viewed as they are being solved.
  4. The results of the optimal scenario are automatically saved along with the Nastran files in separate folders allowing users to simply load the results into the pre-processor to view the optimized design.
  5. Multiple objective functions, constraints and design variables can be created directly in the editor. In addition to minimizing or maximizing objectives, the user can also specify target values for the solver to produce the best result.
  6. Resolution can also be set up along with specifying the maximum and minimum range for the design constraints and variables.
  7. NEi Optimization has the capability to set up a wide range of analyses such as static analysis and dynamics analysis to minimize weight and increase the fundamental modes of structures, or thermal analysis and buckling problems to maximize loads.

Industry Example

The racing industry is a prime example of where performance matters. With strict constraints, engineers are asked to find the best possible design in the least amount of time.

By using NEi Optimization, race teams are able to automatically reduce both weight and stress in the structure, without spending weeks of engineering time for manual redesign.

Racecar stress contour

Stress contour of a racecar for a baseline study (top) compared to a stress contour obtained using NEi Optimization (bottom)

Advanced Optimization

NEi Software also offers advanced optimization features beyond those found in the NEi Editor, including:

  • Process Integration and Automation
  • Response Surfaces
  • Solution Monitoring
  • SHERPA: Simultaneous Hybrid Exploration that is Robust, Progressive, and Adaptive


PDFNEi Optimization for NEi Nastran Editor

Additional Information

Email to request NEi Software's Optimization Analysis Guide.

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