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Normal Modes, Buckling, and Prestress (NE-L2 Module)


Normal Modes Normal Modes

This Normal Modes, Buckling, and Prestress FEA Analysis package expands on the capabilities of the basic Linear Static and Steady-State Heat Transfer package with the addition of the buckling, modal, and prestress solution types. As with NE-L1 all material models including composites and element types including 6 DOF/Node CQUADR and CTRIAR and parabolic solid elements are supported.

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Module Analysis Solutions

  • Linear buckling analysis
  • Normal modes analysis
  • Prestress analysis

Module Key Capabilities

  • A nonlinear static post-buckling analysis of a general aviation aircraft wing.

    Direct Matrix Input Grid (DMIG) support
  • Model reduction
  • Modal database allows reuse of modal data for further modal response analysis – frequency response or transient response
  • Modal filtering allows selective mode usage for modal response analysis using set of mode numbers
  • Modal Assurance Criteria (MAC) correlates in a normal modes analysis
  • Efficient solution of large models
  • Visualization in the NEi Editor
  • Global matrix output

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