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Nonlinear Transient Heat Transfer (NE-L5 Module)


Nonlinear Steady State Heat Transfer
Nonlinear Steady State Heat Transfer


The Advanced Heat Transfer package adds nonlinear steady state and transient heat transfer to the impressive array of Nastran capabilities. Support is provided for both 2D and 3D models using solid, shell, and line element types. The heat transfer solver is fully integrated into NEi Nastran allowing heat transfer models to also be used for structural analysis. Thermal loading from a heat transfer solution is generated automatically allowing thermal stress analysis to be performed directly following a heat transfer run (multi-physics capability).


NEi Software Nonlinear Heat Analysis -- Phase Change

NEi Software Heat Transfer Datasheet
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NEi Nastran Heat Transfer Solutions
• Steady-State Heat Transfer
• Nonlinear Transient Heat Transfer

Module Analysis Solutions

  • Nonlinear steady state heat transfer
  • Transient heat transfer

Module Key Capabilities

    Nonlinear Transient Heat Transfer Nonlinear Transient Heat Transfer
  • Conduction: Temperature, Time, Anistropic, Contact and Composites
  • Free convection: Temperature, Time, Spatial, and Nonlinear
  • Temperature-dependent radiation
  • Specified constant and time-dependent temperature boundary conditions
  • Initial starting temperatures
  • Output features measure heat fluxes, thermal gradients, temperatures, enthalpies, global conductivity matrixes, solution and mesh error estimates, element and grid point results
  • Global matrix output
  • Direct Matrix Input Grid (DMIG) support

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