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Nonlinear Analysis (NE-L4 Module)


A nonlinear static post-buckling analysis of a thin-walled square tube. The analysis involves large displacements and rotations with a nonlinear plastic material and surface contact. Note the secondary buckling that occurs after the outer surfaces near the fixed end contacts.

This module allows the user to analyze structures that exhibit nonlinear behavior. Nonlinear effects can be created due to nonlinear material properties, large deformations and changes in the boundary conditions resulting from contact. Since most physical phenomena contain some kind of nonlinear effect the power and utility of this module is obvious.

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• Linear Static and Steady-State Heat Transfer
• Normal Modes, Buckling, and Prestress
• Advanced Dynamics
• Nonlinear Analysis
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Module Analysis Solutions

Module Key Capabilities

    A nonlinear static analysis of a rivet being deformed to hold two plates together. One end of the rivet is held fixed while the other end is forced into compression with a force load. A nonlinear material is used to accurately model the material behavior and high strains involved. Surface contact with friction is used between all parts.

  • Material nonlinear including plasticity (Ohsaki and Ramberg), nonlinear elasticity, large strain hyperelastic, large strain isotropic, thermo-elasticity, temperature dependence, creep, brittle materials, shape memory materials
  • Geometric nonlinear
  • Gap, slide line, and surface-to-surface contact with surface contact weld failure and friction support
  • Progressive Ply Failure Analysis (PPFA™)**
  • Helius:MCT ply failure integration**
  • Tension only shell and cable elements
  • Direct nonlinear solutions for buckling, prestress and transient response
    (no restarts required)
  • Automated Surface Contact Generation (ASCG™)
  • Automated Edge Contact Generation (AECG™)
  • Global matrix output
  • Direct Matrix Input Grid (DMIG) support
  • Model reduction
  • Easy extension between linear and nonlinear analysis models
  • Visualization in the NEi Editor

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*   L3 also required
** Additional license required

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