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NEi Nastran in-CAD represents a new approach to engineering analysis and simulation software. NEi Nastran in-CAD joins two powerful technologies 3D, parametric CAD for model creation, and high accuracy, industry-proven, award-winning, Nastran solvers for solution generation. [Watch video]

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About NEi Nastran in-CAD

You know the powerful benefits that finite element analysis (FEA), simulation and virtual testing can bring to your product development efforts. But what FEA software should you choose? What criteria should you apply? What software will work best for your work environment?

NEi Nastran in-CAD was developed to capture the advantages inherent in both your 3D CAD system and industry-proven Nastran FEA. NEi Nastran in-CAD is the first engineering analysis, simulation and validation solution that fuses the best of 3D CAD and FEA technologies. Consider these benefits:

  • Your 3D parametric CAD system becomes your pre and post processor providing a familiar environment for easy FEA model creation and results viewing.
  • Nastran FEA solvers are your FEA engine providing precise, proven, dependable solutions with wide industry acceptance.
  • Analysis types are bundled into comprehensive, convenient and affordable packages --Basic, Expert and add on modules for specialized engineering disciplines.
  • Breadth of analysis types includes linear and nonlinear statics, dynamics, and heat transfer, Contact, Automated Drop Test, Fatigue, Explicit FEA, Advanced Materials e.g. Composites, Nitinol, Rubber.
  • Professional level capabilities and technology for all FEA domain inputs for real-world fidelity: element types (a full range of 1D, 2D, and 3D), loads, constraints, material models, and meshing.
  • Composite capabilities for high performance lightweight designs: state-of-the-art technical treatment (e.g. Puck and LaRC02, MultiContinuum Theory, Progressive Ply Failure) and simplified handling of material complexities (e.g. fiber/matrix composition, layups, orientation).
  • Post Processing Report generation and file sharing via industry recognized Nastran Bulk Data File allows collaboration with a wide community of analysis departments, customers, vendors, and design partners.
  • Plus NEi Nastran in-CAD comes at a precedent-setting, affordable price point that will enable wide usage throughout your organization.

Your 3D CAD System Is Your FEA Platform; Nastran Your FEA Engine

NEi Nastran in-CAD is available for users with Autodesk Inventor or SolidWorks 3D CAD systems. If you have another 3D CAD system, or no 3D CAD system, you can choose the 3D parametric CAD kernel that gives you the features that best match your working environment providing the menus, toolbars, tree structures, and windows most suitable to you.

NEi Nastran in-CAD for Solidworks

If you have SolidWorks 3D CAD, you can easily andaffordably add Nastran finite element analysis (FEA). NEi Nastran in-CAD for SolidWorks is a certified Gold Product thatembeds finite element analysis technology in SolidWorks. Your 3D CAD system SolidWorks Certified Gold Productbecomes your FEA pre- and post-processor. NEi Nastran solvers become your FEA engine. You have the same working environment with menus, tree-type structures, and familiar look-and-feel for creating FE models and viewing the results of your analysis. NEi Nastran in-CAD is well integrated and completely compatible featuring true geometry associativity, which means your loads, boundary conditions and meshes are updated interactively whenever changes are made in SolidWorks. You reduce your learning curve, maintain your productivity, eliminate compatibility issues, and get the best cost for industry-accepted, professional level FEA.

NEi Nastran in-CAD Powered by Autodesk Inventor

Autodesk Inventor 3D CAD software offers easy to use tools for mechanical design. NEi Nastran in-CAD Powered by Autodesk Inventor embeds Nastran finite element analysis technology in Inventor. NEi Nastran solvers become your FEA engine. So your 3D CAD system is also your FEA platform making design and analysis seamless. Your 3D CAD system becomes your FEA pre-processor as you create FE models by applying loads and constraints, choosing element types and materials, and meshing your part. Similarly with post-processing and results viewing, the same working environment and look-and-feel means you maintain your productivity. NEi Nastran in-CAD is well-integrated and completely compatible featuring true geometry associativity. Whenever changes are made in Inventor, your FE domain of loads, boundary conditions and meshes are updated interactively. NEi Nastran in-CAD reduces your learning curve, maintains your productivity, and eliminates compatibility issues, while equipping you with industry-accepted, professional level FEA at the best cost.

Analysis Types

NEi Nastran in-CAD allows you to add analysis capabilities as your needs grow. The Basic bundle provides the most used and needed linear structural, dynamic and thermal analyses used for validation, virtual testing and engineering simulation in product development. The Expert bundle takes simulation to the next level of sophistication with nonlinear capabilities and added dynamic analysis types. Additional modules provide tools for specialized engineering disciplines. See Analysis Types for a complete list and description.

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