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NEi Works Demo Video

NEi Works demonstration video

Learn about all the unique features of NEi Works with this video demo. [Watch video]

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About NEi Works

SolidWorks Certified Gold ProductNEi Works provides SolidWorks users with an embedded finite element modeling tool. It features the familiar SolidWorks look and feel for all menus and functions, providing seamless integration between design and analysis. NEi Works features true geometry associativity, which means your loads, boundary conditions and even meshes are updated interactively whenever changes are made in SolidWorks.

With Nastran being one of the most widely used solutions, SolidWorks users can now communicate their FEA data to most standard pre- and post-processors through support of the Nastran file format. This provides versatility to a product which is already easy to use and backed by the renowned Nastran solution.

Taking Simulation to the Next Level

NEi Works Expert adds to the capabilities in NEi Works Basic with the following analysis types: nonlinear statics, transient response, frequency response, Automated Impact Analysis (AIA), and nonlinear steady state and transient heat transfer. NEi Works Expert is perfect for taking simulations to the next level since nonlinear is typically the next step in sophistication needed by design analysts. AIA also provides a widely needed simulation with applications ranging from projectiles to drop tests to packaging.

2013 Enhancements

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NEi Explicit
NEi Explicit

Random Response
Random Response

Progressive Ply Failure
Progressive Ply Failure (PPFA)

Mesh Table
Mesh Table

XY Plotting Upgrades
XY Plotting

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