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Learn how to accurately analyze linear and nonlinear stress, dynamics and heat trasfer characters

In this on-demand webinar, Dr. Lee Taylor demonstrates how to use explicit analysis to solve complex nonlinear models that are too large, have complicated contact conditions, or the expected large displacements / rotations / deformations are simply too nonlinear for an implicit solution.

Examples of implicit/explicit coupling will be presented that demonstrate the effectiveness of the methodology for complex simulations involving impact and perforation of composite structures, thermal shock loading on structural models, and impact of pre-stressed, contact dominated models.

About NEi Explicit

NEi Explicit is a parallel explicit solver that is completely integrated within the NEi Nastran environment. NEi Explicit solves complex nonlinear material problems, large deformation contact problems, and very large multi million degree of freedom (DOF) static and quasi static models.

Plus, existing Nastran users can directly analyze a Nastran implicit model in the NEi Explicit solver without any changes to the analysis file. The NEi Explicit solver is well suited for these large types of nonlinear problems providing fast, robust performance because there are no matrices formed which means a small memory footprint for the model.

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