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Femap Composites Laminate Support

Femap with Nastran supports an unlimited number of lamina and is based on 2-D and 3-D orthotropic material property building blocks. Four main dialogue windows are available in Femap to build and edit composite layups: the Property, Entity Info, Layup Editor and Layup Viewer. Post-processing features include:

  • Reads ply stresses and strains as output by Nastran
  • Global ply processing even if the model was not run that way in Nastran but was tagged in Femap
  • Standard API to max/min across lamina of a laminate to find maximum fiber strains
  • Standard APIs to align element 0 degree reference direction tangent to a curve
  • Built in functionality to modify and display element 0 degree reference direction
  • Standard API to group elements with material angle undefined to help verify laminate models

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