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Key Features of NEi Nastran

  1. Micromechanics Based Composite Laminate Failure Analysis
  2. Advanced Composites Ply Failure Criteria (LaRC02, Puck, MCT)
  3. Nonlinear Progressive Ply Failure Analysis (PPFA™)
  4. Advanced 3D Layered Composite Analysis
  5. NEi Nastran Editor GUI
  6. Shape and Parameter Design Optimization
  7. Automated Analysis Report Generation
  8. Multiaxial and Vibration Fatigue
  9. Linear Surface Contact
  10. Nonlinear Surface Contact
  11. Automated Surface Contact Generation (ASCG™)
  12. Automated Edge Contact Generation (AECG™)
  13. Automated Impact Analysis (AIA™)
  14. Adaptive Nonlinear Static and Nonlinear Transient Analysis
  15. Advanced Nonlinear Material Models (Hyperelastic, Nonlinear-Elastic, Plastic,
    Shape Memory, Brittle, Thermoelastic, etc.)
  16. Special Nonlinear Elements (Tension-only Shell and Cable Elements, Shock Mount)
  17. Nonlinear Database Management and Restarting
  18. Modal Database Management and Modal Filtering
  19. Integrated Modal Assurance Criteria (MAC) and Modal Cross-Orthogonality (MXO)
  20. Virtual Fluid Mass Boundary Element
  21. Imported Results Data Interpolation
  22. Automated Inertial Relief (AIR™)
  23. Robust and Accurate Element Library
  24. High Performance, Large Capacity Linear and Eigensolvers
  25. Specialized Industry Features (DDAM, CMS, DMIG, etc.)

In addition to these features, NEi Software leads the CAE community in technical support and demonstrates this commitment by providing unique software features such as context sensitive help and innovative distance e-learning programs. Our in-house technical support team conducts training and provides mentoring and consulting services for FEA projects.

For more information regarding NEi Nastran's key features please email

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