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Advanced Dynamics (NE-L3 Module)


The advanced dynamics module (NE-L3) expands on the FEA analysis capabilities of the NE-L1 and NE-L2 packages. Transient, frequency, response spectrum, random vibration, and complex eigenvalue extraction analysis are all added with this package. This package permits the application of all static loads as dynamic loads.
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Frequency Response

Frequency Response



NEi Software Random Vibration Analysis On-demand Webinar
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NEi Software Random Vibration Analysis On-demand Webinar
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Module Analysis Solutions

  • Transient response
  • Frequency response
  • Random vibration

Random Vibration

Random Vibration

Module Key Capabilities

  • Modal, structural and material damping
  • Dynamic loading generality in the time and frequency domains
  • Analysis and data recovery
  • Global matrix output
  • Direct Matrix Input Grid (DMIG) support
  • Model reduction
  • Modal database
  • Modal set
  • Modal correlation
  • Efficient solution of large models
  • Visualization in the NEi Editor

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