Cohesive Zone Modeling White Paper

Learn how to accurately capture the complex damage mechanisms in bonded composite joints.

Analytical assessment of composite bonded joints is a recurring issue in aircraft design today. Various techniques have been applied to this problem with mixed results.

This particular one-step modeling strategy is designed to capture the true failure mechanism of the joint, and incorporates the following state of the art finite element technologies to accurately capture the complex damage mechanisms in bonded composite joints:

  • Cohesive zone modeling (CZM)
  • Three-dimensional layered solid elements
  • Micromechanics-based damage degradation

Some industry techniques involve a two-step approach where a conventional finite element stress analysis predicts delamination initiation, and the initial debond results are passed to a fracture mechanics approach for delamination propagation predictions. Other techniques are not able to fully capture all of the critical components of complex damage mechanisms including:

  • Initial damage resulting from through thickness matrix cracking and branching
  • Matrix cracks driving delaminations to occur
  • Stiffness degradations in fiber and/or matrix directions
  • Complete delamination across the adhesive bondline

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