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Multimedia Library - Explicit Analysis

NEi Explicit is a parallel explicit solver that is completely integrated within the NEi Nastran environment. NEi Explicit solves complex nonlinear material problems, large deformation contact problems, and very large multi million degree of freedom (DOF) static and quasi static models. Plus, existing Nastran users can directly analyze a Nastran implicit model in the NEi Explicit solver without any changes to the analysis file. The NEi Explicit solver is well suited for these large types of nonlinear problems providing fast, robust performance because there are no matrices formed, which means a small memory footprint for the model. The explicit architecture lends itself to highly scalable parallel performance, and large deformation contact solutions with highly nonlinear material behavior.

Boat Anchor

This fiberglass speed boat hull is traveling at 20 knots when it collides with a large anchor on the sea floor. The sea floor is modeled with solid elements and is allowed to deform, which causes the anchor to dig in, much like it would in real sand. A nonlinear material with element deletion was used on the hull to accurately simulate the properties of the hull and show the tearing due to the anchor impact.

Bird Strike Simulation

This is an NEi Explicit simulation of a turbine engine encountering a bird strike. The turbine is rotating at 3000 rpm when a sphere representing the bird is impacted at a closing velocity of 500 mph. Contact between all parts is accounted for as well as self contact which can been seen when the turbine blades contact each other.

Bullet Impacting Armor

This NEi Explicit simulation was run twice with two different materials to predict the armor protection performance of the various materials. The projectile is traveling at 1200 m/s before impact. Element deletion was used on both the projectile and armor plate. As can be seen from the animation the first armor material is able to stop the bullet without any failure on the back of the plate. The second material fails to absorb the impact of the bullet.

Airplane Impact

This is a simulation of an airplane traveling at 500 mph impacting a rigid wall. Element deletion criteria was used in NEi Explicit to simulate failure of the material which can most easily be seen in the right wing shearing off.

Block Tower

This assembly consists of over 300 individual parts which were all meshing independently. Automated surface contact was used in NEi Explicit to automatically find and track which parts were contacting. A sphere traveling at 160 mph then impacted the cylindrical tower composed of 300 solid blocks. This model demonstrates the powerful automated contact capability of NEi Explicit.

Rigid Sphere Impacting Armor

A rigid sphere traveling at 200 m/s impacts armor plating. The armor plating uses a nonlinear material with element deletion to accurately simulate the energy absorption capabilities of the plate.

Pull Test

This is a simulation of metal material undergoing a controlled pull test. Element deletion criteria was used in NEi Explicit to simulate failure of the material which can be used to correlate the results to that of a laboratory pull test.


A typical backpack buckle is modeled with quarter symmetry using element deletion criteria. It is first inserted and clipped shut, then an enforced displacement load is applied until buckle failure. This model shows the capability of NEi Explicit to model quasi-static or near static simulations in a transient solution type by running for a slow enough duration such that inertia forces are negligible.

Ship Collision

This is a simulation of two similar size ships colliding in a side impact. Element deletion criteria was used in NEi Explicit to simulate failure of the material which can most easily be seen in the bow of the impacting ship. The peak accelerations in both ships can be found at all points in the model, to more accurately predict individual component failures within the ships.

Parallel Solver FEA Billet

A quasi-static simulation of steel billet with an enforced displacement load is shown. The base plate is modeled as a rigid material. Large strains and element deformation are accounted for automatically in NEi Explicit.

Press Forming Simulation of a Thin Metal Sheet

This video demonstrates nonlinear transient press forming simulation of a thin metal sheet using NEi Explicit. The sheet is modeled with plate elements and uses a nonlinear plastic material property to account for plastic strain. The die (not shown) was setup as a solid rigid part. The contour shows the remaining plastic strain after the die is removed. This analysis is very useful in predicting the final shape of a stamped sheet metal part.

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